Wanza back in the group!
Wanza back in the group!

Wanza back in the group!

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Dear Friends,

Good news for today: Wanza really did not well at all since I last wrote you and I was really scared to loose him.

When antibiotic treatment finished, he still had that swollen thing under his chin coming now and again and preventing him from moving his neck and shoulders. He only felt better once he had anti inflammatory drugs…

Therefore, I maintained this medication a few more days decreasing quantities day by day. When slight improvement was to be seen, I tried to introduce Wanza back in his group, but he refused to go with the others – he  was  afraid of Bashi who is actually the bulliest male we have in this main group! And Wanza was probably afraid Bachi would push him a bit too hard…

Each day, we opened him the gates to join the others – but Wanza rather stayed isolated. This morning, he finally agreed to leave his quarantine quarters and all the others were happy to see him. Bachi was extremely quiet and wasn’t naughty at all with Wanza. MERCI  BACHI !!

When Mwisho, the dominant,  came closer, Wanza was terribly impressed and showed fear on is face. A few seconds later, fear disappeared when Mwisho greeted Wanza and continued his walk…

Jacky was the only one who spent hours grooming Wanza as if to say: « happy to see you again, pal! » See on the following pictures how Wanza seems to be content to be groomed…



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