Wild figs: from tree to ice blocks
Wild figs: from tree to ice blocks

Wild figs: from tree to ice blocks

There are a lot of wild fig trees in the small bush surrounding our complex and collecting wild figs is like hunting for chocolate eggs at Easter!!

Despite the fact this fruit is very laxative, the good thing about figs is that not only chimps are fond of them but these fruits are also rich in  sugars, flavonoids, vitamins A and C, acids and enzymes. I decided the other day to use the treat as enrichment and therefore prepared a mixture made of water, bananas and figs that I put in the freezer to obtain small ice blocks…

 It was real fun to see how delighted the chimps were when receiving their iced treat. Know that the weather is extremely hot these days here in Southern DRC and that no one can refuse ice creams with such horrible temperatures….


Well, it is actually the same with the chimps; they really enjoyed their little home made ice cubes of banana and wild fig flavour…. See by yourself…

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