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Your donations

Dear All,

Last week, I remembered you about the money you sent end of April/early May for the purchase of the welding machine.

The bank has called us  saying your money finally arrived. But, when Franck went to buy the machine, bad news: no welding machine was left. Here, it’s always like this: once you see something very particular in a shop, you have to buy it at once !! So,  JACK has immediately ordered a new one that will come midth /end of July. But, don’t worry, once again, I’ll keep you posted and send you the  pictures of the machine.

Also, in addition to your single donations of May, we received your one-time donations of the previous months and wanted to show you what we did with this money.

We had no gate at the entrance of the Refuge Centre. Visitors very often managed to enter the complex, reached too easily the quarantine area putting the isolated chimpanzee babies at risk (quarantine place is close to the main entrance of the Refuge!!!)  Therefore,  we decided to put a gate to prevent anyone from coming in.


TODAY : A NEW GATE = SECURITYnow.jpgdoor-fixed-thanks-to-your-donations.jpg 

More things have to be done to improve the complex (build extra night facilities, bring electricity as we still have no power, add extra fencing around the complex). more-security.jpg 

Proof of purchasepurchase-metallic-gate-1.jpg

But, today, and mainly thanks to your donations, security has been enforced ;  this, again,  is a new step in JACK’s everyday life.

THANK  YOU FOR J.A.CK. & thank YOU for THEM!!!!



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