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Dear Friends of J.A.C.K.

Thank YOU again so much for your support of J.A.C.K. in our efforts to raise funds for a water system at our sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees in the DR Congo.

Great news: WE DID IT!!

Thanks to YOU, we have received enough donations to launch this amazing water project!

In a massive global effort, we received gifts from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Argentina, French Guyana, Great-Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Luxemburg, South Africa and DR Congo.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this exciting project, which will tremendously help our team and which will also make our day-to-day efforts of caring for our beautiful orphaned chimps so much easier.

YOU have made a miracle come TRUE!

Thank YOU,

J.A.C.K , its Team and furry residents




🥕NO WATER – no greenhouse !!
NO GREENHOUSE – no organic food!
🍆Help us make our greenhouse GREEN again and consider donating via the link in our bio

Please donate today to help us install our own water system! The impact this will have on the sanctuary and our beautiful rescued chimps is huge! 

To finish off our countdown, we wanted to share with you a final important (and fun!) reason why we need access to water at the sanctuary…


Yes, they are pretty sweet playing with their frozen ice lollies in the Congo heat!

But this activity has a deeper purpose. 

Many of these chimps have experienced the true terror of seeing their family massacred in order for poachers to take them from the wild. On average, 10 adult chimps are killed to obtain just one baby chimp which will be sold as bushmeat or to the exotic pet industry, where they experience further trauma and suffering. 

These 33 chimps at J.A.C.K. are safe forever, but represent a much larger scale of horror.

As these orphaned chimps have been rescued from different places across the DR Congo over the past 13 years, play is a really special way that we help them to settle in to their new life with us, to connect with each other, make friends and establish a new family of their own at J.A.C.K.

Please help us to help them! Every dollar counts and means the world to us! Thank you!

🌿 Ngoy, Dr Christian, Isaac, Maman Angéline, Julie, Joël, Jérémie, Alain, Elie et Landry are showing the man reasons why water is so  needed at  the sanctuary. Help us raise money to install a desperately needed water system at our sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees in the DR Congo!
 To support us, visit!
💜 Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, your gift will go such a long way!


Please donate today to help us install our own water system! The impact this will have on the sanctuary and our beautiful rescued chimps is huge! Share this post and donate now!

Our countdown to Giving Day is almost complete!


Each day, we rely on local businesses to donate 200kg of fresh fruit and vegetables to feed our 33 chimps – a big ask!

To reduce this dependency, we had on our onsite greenhouse providing almost 50kg of organic produce a day 🌱


As you can see, without water this is no longer an option for us. Please help us to help them 💫




💦With just 3 DAYS until GIVING DAY, we present another way we need access to water at the sanctuary- a reason you may not have expected!💦

As a small NGO, we don’t have the big bucks to spend on major works at the sanctuary. So we support small business run by local Congolese. This means the money goes straight to the families, empowering the people and utilising their skills. Oh, and you guessed it – we need access to water to provide the materials for this important work, such as cement!

Our countdown continues… Here is another way we use water at J.A.C.K. and why we need your help to install a water system at the sanctuary!
2. Washing food – 6 days until Giving Day
Our rescued chimps at J.A.C.K. are lucky to receive daily about 200kg of fresh food donated partly from local businesses (thank you)! We always make sure that the fruit and veg are thoroughly washed before being chopped up and served to the chimps, which can be quite a big task!

Please help us to install our own water system at our sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)!

Infrastructure is poor in the DRC and on some days, nothing comes out the tap, placing an enormous strain on our daily efforts.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Tuesday, 15th October 2019 so that this finally becomes a problem of the past.

Interested? Join us on our Giving Day for Apes page:

Any support represents the world to these orphaned chimpanzees.
Thank you for them!


WATER SHORTAGE AT J.A.C.K. since last March: getting enough water for team and chimps is a daily struggle!


I spent the whole morning “begging” for some water to clean our chimps’ night rooms. The most difficult was to find drinking water to cook and to prepare our residents’ milk and tea… Many thanks to my dad and Marie-Paule for their precious support!!