Hi Everyone,

Formely called « ETAITO », Dian is the youngest chimp of the ‘KIVU 4’ and she was the first one to be introduced to the new quarantine quarters when they all arrived end of last February.


Dian is very shy. Though not showing any signs of aggressiveness, she likes to stay with some people only (Papa Augustin, Maman Maguy and Maman Angeline). It took me some time before I could really touch and hug her.


Today, when being in the open enclosure, Dian runs all around and follows mostly Africa in the highest branches. She’d rather stay with Africa as at the beginning Dian really didn’t get on well with Pasa, the young male of the ‘Kivu Four’.


Dian (left) with Africa

Dian has wonderful long and black hair, a very pale face and a funny white beard. Ske loves grapes and plums – things that you seldom find in Lubumbashi!



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  1. Paty (france)

    Quelle belle petite Dian avec sa petite barbichette blanche, elle a l’air en pleine santé et vive avec un regard bien expressif.
    Et si elle choisit ceux avec qui elle veut etre, elle n’est pas tres differente de nous.
    Bravo petite Dian, d’avoir du caractére, tu seras un jour une femelle forte dans ton groupe.

  2. Yes, Diane’s face is particular and she looks old because of the many many wrinkles she has. The white beard means she’s still young. When getting older, chimps become darker in the face and have black hair all over the body.So, Dian’s Santa beard will one day disappear…

  3. Fran

    Dian has such a precious face. Although I can’t think of too many infant chimps that don’t! There’s nothing wrong with a little hair on the face either. She is a hairy kid, after all! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  4. Theresa

    She looks wonderful Roxane! Her little white beard just adds to her character. Give Papa Augustin and Mamans Maguy and Angeline my gratitude for the wonderful care they take of these precious babies. Of course you and Franck too! Love and prayers for all the best from the U.S.!

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