growing sugar cane
growing sugar cane

growing sugar cane

Dear all,

At J.A.C.K., we had still some space left next to the green house to grow some sugar cane.

The project of growing one of the chimps’ favourite food started a few years ago thanks to the kind support of a friend of J.A.C.K., Mrs Sue A., who sponsored a plantation of banana trees, paw paws and sugar canes at the Sanctuary.



 Sugar canes like water and the place we have next to the green house is very wet. Land has to be prepared first and the sugar cane is being planted on small humid mounts.




Then, once the sugar cane is blossoming, it means it is ready to be harvested.




J.A.C.K. had its first sugar cane harvest this year and nearly half a ton was cut for the chimps. This was a good start and next year more will be harvested from our sugar cane plantation since extra canes have been planted!!


Many thanks to Mrs Sue A. but also to our two gardeners, Bondo and Kasongo, for making this possible!

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