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Remember, Bapu is the young female chimpanzee that broke her tibia last September. She underwent surgery twice and had to be isolated in a small cage to prevent her from standing on her leg.

Bapu did well: her bone healed up well and the chimp was very very patient!

Then, when the doctors decided she could go back into her group, Bapu had to be introdced again to her friends. All of them were so happy to see her. If you look at the footage below, it is the first time Bapu goes outside in nearly 7 months and her friends vocalise a lot when she coes to greet them in front of the other night rooms!

Bapu’s case has been a tricky case: it was the first time J.A.C.K. had to deal with a fractured bone! Therefore, the sanctuary and its team has been extremely grateful to BOOZAA for its valuable support!

Yes, last year, the BOOZAA team organised a musical event in Brussels and donated the benefits of it to the Congolese sanctuary. Such great help that totally covered the two surgeries Bapu went through, as well as the different X-rays that had to be done in addition to the blood tests  made to follow Bapu closely during the last 6 months . Without BOOZAA and its precious team, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to provide young Bapu with the veterinary assistance she needed urgently!!!

Many thanks again to Patricia D, to Gaëtane and all the members of BOOZAA for their wonderful support!


Remember, Doguy is our one-eyed chimpanzee.

Last February, we thought he would have had to undergo surgery as a growing cataract was said to be harming his remaining eye… However, after two eye specialists checked his eye, no surgery took place and the surgeons advised Doguy would need an eye onguent when dry season starts.

Today, 3 months later, our austral Winter is on its way along with its dust, heavy sun and dry air. We managed to find Doguy’s eye treatment in Europe and our young resident doesn’t seem to complain. He looks happy and he is enjoying outdoor life with his friends.

We are so glad he is feeling well!

Young chimpanzee MATA has just had his 5th Anniversary at J.A.C.K. time is flying by!

Mata’s anniversary is very imprtant to all of us at the sanctuary since he represents a victory against ape trafficking in the DRC. This young chimpanzee was confiscated 5 years ago and, since then, no other chimpanzees have been seen on the streets f Lubumbashi nor smuggled through the zabian border! Mata s the proof that wildlife trafficking can be stopped and he also represents HOPE to all the other wildlife organisations working daily to stop that illicit business!


GROOMING session this morning! Our residents look extremely busy as grooming is an important social behaviour among chimps of the same group… it shows acceptance and respect

Nyko is a young French man passionate on sport and on running more particularly. Also, being a nature and a wildlife lover, he decided to create a charity called “Courir pour les animaux“(running for the animals)  that would collect funds through his running activity to support NGO’s or sanctuaries protecting wildlife.

J.A.C.K. was introduced to Nyko thanks to Christian, a great member of J.A.C.K. who is running too. To help our sanctuary, Nyko offered us a pulse oxymeter.

It is always nice to have this kind of equipment when chimps are sedated as you can monitor oxygen saturation as well as heart beats very easily!

J.A.C.K. and its chimpanzees are extremely grateful to Nyko and his team for this very useful equipment. Thank YOU all so much for THEM!

Intrigued, young Mata is touching the camera to see if something will happen!


Due to heavy rains, LUNA & MATA got flu and LUNA had deep respiratory issues. Our vet, Dr Christian, decided to monitor her at night as she wasn’t doing well at all!

Today, both chimps are healthy and back in their group again!!!

KALY & MATA seem to be chatting together. Wondering what they could by “talking” about…


Chimps are said to have 4 hands to help them climb trees. In Tommy’s case, the second set of hands is used to hold his treats tightly😂

🍃TOMMY, NALIA & EKOLO have formed a trio since 2010. All our residents result from the bushmeat trade. All are orphaned chimpanzees who have created strong bonds with one another to recover from the horrific trauma they went through. Tommy, Nalia & Ekolo met while in quarantine and have become inseparable since then!

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