Hi Everyone,

Please, don’t worry about Santa and Kimo: their wounds have healed and they are doing extremely fine now.

Kimo is the baby with the neurological problems. Do you remember?


Kimo, November 2008 when he arrived at JACK

Well, since he’s enjoying every day games in the open air enclosure, climbing trees and playing with branches has helped develop the muscles of his fingers. Today, Kimo no longer loses his balance and dares going very high up in the trees with Santa and Maïka.


Kimo playing in the trees


Kimo has put up some weight and seems to become the « boss » of the quarantine group of little ones. Sometimes, when I see him walking, he looks like Chita, the alpha male.


They both have black spots on the face and they both walk in  « dominant » ways…



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  1. Oh, but we do worry about the babies. Thanks for the update, Roxane, I’m glad Kimo and Santa are doing well after that disappointing attempt at introduction. I hope they’ll be happy in their little group of babies. Kimo is ridiculously adorable. It must be hard to tell him ‘no.’


  2. Theresa

    Wonderful news Roxane! I was hoping that all Kimo needed was good food, to feel safe, and be loved and he would be fine. He looks so much healthier. I absolutely adore the picture of him above Chita. That is one of the cutest litte faces I have ever seen! It’s easy to see why you and Franck are so dedicated to these orphans. I just love these guys!

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