minor intervention for Zamba
minor intervention for Zamba

minor intervention for Zamba

Dear Friends,


 Zamba is among the oldest females of our sanctuary but is still the youngest of our main group run by Mwisho.

young female Zamba

Our sanctuary is rescueing chimpanzees resulting from the bushmeat and pet trade and because our aim is to give them a chance to be among other chimps but not to breed them, we have been allowed by DRC State to put implants on the females that will be removed once the they will be set back in their natural habitat.

Zamba just sedated

Zamba was sedated a few days ago and our vet Jean Claude assisted by his new assistant, Olivier, put an implant on the top of Zamba’s right shoulder blade.

Zamba sedated

This minor intervention doesn’t usually last very long; it sometimes get longer to have the chimp sedated or reversed….

cleaning and shaving shoulder blade
fixing implant

All went well with Zamba. She had a general check up and  is doing fine. She could join her group again on the same day and all her firends were happy to see har back.

Zamba reversed and ready to wake up

Thank you,


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