SCT, the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust
SCT, the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust

SCT, the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust

Dear Friends,

The Sweden Chimpanzee Trust (SCT) has been helping our sanctuary for several years now and its donations have always been used to improve the complex.

For example, thanks to the SCT kindness, we built 2 night quarters for the main group in 2009 and 2011

night quarters main group thanks to SCT and other donors

… and in 2010, the SCT built a huge concrete floor in front of the 5 night facilities of the main group (for more hygiene)…

2010 - night quarters main group with concrete floor in front

…and also participated in the construction of a second nursery facility.

2010 - sponsoring construction of nursery facility

In 2011, J.A.C.K. was offered by I.P.P.L and the ARCUS Foundation a huge donation to start its education centre and thanks to SCT and other donors (MMR and Market to Africa) J.A.C.K. managed to achieve the first step of its education project: the construction of two education huts which have already attracted several schools and visitors!

2011 - partly sponsoring construction of education centre

J.A.C.K. is very blessed of having met Mrs Ing-Marie Persson (President of the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust), the SCT and its sponsors because without people like them, sanctuaries like us can’t continue our mission to help save endangered species….


Thank you so much, Ing-Marie, for your Love and  Passion for Great Apes!


Many thanks again to the SCT, its team and sponsors for their trust and generous support!!



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