Seki introduced !!
Seki introduced !!

Seki introduced !!

Dear All,

Great news for this week:  SEKI, the chimp that was so humanized and had to learn to become a chimp again, has finally been introduced! Recent blood samples  had showed the baby chimp was very healthy and ready to join the group.


Our little friend was really happy to explore the main enclosure and, of course, so excited to run in the open air. He explored nearly every place of his new environment !


Seki exploring his new environment


But, the young chimp was worried. He knew there were other chimps and had seen them. What was going to happen next?


What next?

Seki had met the eldest female, Shasa, before and that’s the reason why Shasa has been  introduced firstly.


Anxious, the newcomer saw Shasa running towards him and, not knowing exactly what to do, opened his arms and welcomed the female with a big hug. This was magic, as both started playing, rolling and running around as if they had known each other for years !!


Shasa on top followed by Seki

Then, it was Chita’s turn to come in. He’s a very pacific leader and actually didn’t pay attention at all to the newcomer. Chita just wanted to pass by with his blanket; nothing else.


Chita with his blanket


Slowly by slowly, the other members of the group were allowed to meet the new chimp. All went fine and one young male, named Kala, always stayed behind Seki as if he were protecting him like a big brother. Kala has become Seki’s best friend.


Kala protecting Seki


Seki grooming Kala


Although no signs of fight nor of aggressivity were shown towards him, Seki remained on the defensive mainly when all the chimps of the group were outside.


As you can see, SEKI has been successfuly introduced. Because of his past in the expatriate family, Franck and I were worried to know how SEKI would manage all this and we now can say « Well done, SEKI « 



Dear All, you know that I usually end my posts with the « Thank Yous ». Although I haven’t recieved last week’s PAYPAL report related to the donations for  the purchase of that particular machine JACK needs, I already thank most of you as I know many of you have made donations. Once I get the PAYPAL report, a post will be written on donations only .  Sorry about this….


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  1. Wanda Perry

    I learned about your sanctuary J.A.C.K.’S from google alerts today. I want you to know I am grateful that there is a place for these chimpanzees. They are so exploited, and have been for decades. These chimps losing their Mother’s and family is a tragedy beyond words. I will put the chimps and all of you in my prayers. If I lived there I would donate my time helping with the wash and feeding.
    Wanda Perry
    Afton, Wy.

  2. Lucia Cristiana, Brasil

    Roxane and Franck, thank you so much for your invaluable WORK. I love chimpanzees and each day I am most proud of you both job… Thanks.

  3. Roxane and Franck, Seki is Mr. Personality, what a handsome young chimp he is! And very well nourished! So good to know he and Kala, are such good buddies. And just look at Chita, with his blanket, my goodness, how adorable! We realize, that each chimp there, has lost their mother, but we take comfort your sanctuary is there to rescue these precious orphans. God bless you both.

  4. Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    How wonderful on the successful re-introduction. Franck & Roxane it must make your heart and soul so very happy when moments like this happen.

  5. Christine C.

    Roxane and Franck…congratulations, this seems to be a very successful reintroduction thus far…Seki is too cute, he actually looks a bit chubby!!! He almost looks like a stuffed animal in that next to last picture (the one with his hand in the air). You all must be so relieved that Seki seems to know he is a chimp and not a human!

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