The Kivu Four
The Kivu Four

The Kivu Four

Hi Friends of JACK,

The « KIVU FOUR » are four chimps that have recently been seized by the Congolese authorities in the Kivu area.

End of January, Mr Doug Cress of PASA, contacted us saying there were 3 baby chimpanzees in Butembo (Kivu) and was wondering  whether JACK would agree taking care of them or not.


Mavivi and Etaito

Without hesitation, Franck answered ‘yes’ under the condition that all the babies had the pertinent seizure documents….


This must be Etaito, sorry, I haven’t met her yet!

So, in a few days time and with the assistance of Samantha (thanks again, Sam!), a rescue operation financed by PASA was set up  by I.C.C.N., ACF/Virunga, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (DFGF) and J.A.C.K.


Mavivi, for sure!

On Sunday 8th of February, carers Faustin and Thierry left Goma and drove Northwards in a I.C.C.N. car to Butembo where not only 3 babies were waiting them but a 4th one who was actually arriving from Bafwazende, not far from the Maïko National Park. 



The Kivu Four arrived in Goma with carers Faustin and Thierry on February 12th. Since then, thanks to Samantha and ACF/Virunga, all the attention of different vets were set on these little ones and especially on baby Maïko who was very weak.



But, as most of you know already, exhausted and dehydrated, little Maïko didn’t make it and died on Saturday 14th… A sad, very sad day to all of us who have been working for days in finding ways and means to rescue the Kivu Four.



Why do people continue these crimes? Taking apes from the wild, assassinating a whole family for a baby that will – maybe?- die because they can’t take care of it? How many of these little angels have died on the road? in a train? in the back of a car? How long will these horrible things still happen? Will there ever come an end to that slaughter and trade?

We at JACK have decided to accept the Kivu Four because the place they belong to is the DRC. JACK has the obligation to help whatever the challenge is. But I can assure you that taking care of them won’t be an easy task! Of course, this will represent a lot of money and time and love and and and…

But we feel very desperate because 4 chimpanzees at a time means nothing is being done to protect them in Kivu, a Congolese province where most of the wild populations of chimps live in protected areas! It means that the trade is getting worse and that people keep on ignoring the fact that there are laws in the DRC protecting Chimpanzees!

JACK’s duty is to help all these lost babies. Although we are a young NGO, JACK is ready to take this challenge. But JACK can’t do everything alone. We need YOU! JACK needs people like YOU to support and to help stop that awful haemorrhage that is emptying our forests!



On our JACK Facebook Cause, we have started a fundraising goal for the Kivu Four. Please, donate for  THEM !


Faustin & Maïko

Know that, although Maïko has gone, JACK will still name the group  » Kivu Four » as he was part of it and because his story isn’t to be forgotten.


Before ending, I absolutely want to thank Samantha, Doug, Pierre, Eddy, William, Jean-Jacques, Thierry and of course Faustin for that great job!

I’ll keep you posted when they arrive next weekend,

Thank you already for what you can do for THEM!


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  1. Ping :Maïko has gone but Maïka has joined the ‘Kivu Four’ | J.A.C.K.

  2. paty france

    Ce sont de biens tristes nouvelles du Kivu. 4 petits d’un seul coup, cela veut dire que dans cette région de la RDC la situation de dégrade encore.Nous sommes tristes avec vous pour ce petit qui n’a plus eu la force de tenir et nous esperons que les 3 qui vont arriver reprendront des forces pour avoir l’espoir d’une vie meilleure.
    Nous savons tout le courage qu’il faut pour accueillir des petits en bas age a qui il faut beaucoup de soins, de présence et d’amour. nous vous faisons confiance.
    Carole et moi travaillons pour vous

  3. Brenton H

    Thankyou to all at J.A.C.K. for your efforts to care for « The Kivu Four ». I have donated to J.A.C.K via the ‘Rescue A Chimp’option on this page. Thanks to Wildlife Direct for listing such important and urgent blogs.

  4. Annie

    So true Christine……..I was saddened to hear about the incident on Nightline the other night…..I feel for the person injured but also for the chimp that was shot and killed……was it his fault that he is an animal who should be in the wild? No……just the ignorance of man…….so sorry to hear about Maiko….I know your heart breaks each time you lose one…..thank you though for all you guys try to do to give these creatures a safe and nurturing environment similar to what their mother’s who were brutally killed could do! Thank god there are still some good people in this world!!!!!!

  5. Theresa

    I am also disgusted and angered that these chimps came from so called « protected » areas. If this many babies can come from protected areas we know many more are taken from unprotected forests after killing their families. Although the people who commit these crimes have many reasons why we all know there is no justification! People can be educated and laws passed but there will always be people who chose to ignore both. We need law enforcement authorities to patrol the forest, protect the chimps, and enforce the laws to the fullest. Their presence alone will be a deterrent to poachers and prosecuting violaters will send a powerful message that these laws will be enforced. There must be some way this could be accomplished. It would benefit the chimps and provide a living for families of the area.

  6. Christine C.

    Oh Roxane — I cry everytime I read about these babies and when I think about JACK, and Faustin and all the others whose hearts get to break so regularly because of the nastiness in the world. I am so happy that the Kivo Four are being brought to you, I know their chances to be healthy, beautiful chimps will vastly improve. I am disgsted to find out that these chimps are from protected areas…clearly they are not protected enough, if at all. And people still don’t seem to understand that these adorable creatures become huge, strong, and sometimes agressive animals…yet another story in today’s US news about a 78-year-old person’s 200 pound pet chimp seriously injuring someone. To say the least, the chimp was shot and killed by the police and the person who was injured will probably not survive. What a waste because of ignorance! Chimps belong in the wild, they are not people, they are not domestic pets…when will people learn???

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