work experience at J.A.C.K.
work experience at J.A.C.K.

work experience at J.A.C.K.

Dear Friends,

J.A.C.K. gave the opportunity to 3 young students (grade 8) to come at the Sanctuary for a short work experience. While most of their friends went to work in companies, Blanche, Paola and Murielle, students of the French school of Lubumbashi, asked J.A.C.K. if they could come and help work at the Sanctuary.


This was for J.A.C.K. a brand new experience too and Fabienne and myself thus worked and guided the 3 young girls during their stay at J.A.C.K.

11.12.13 (8)

Among their daily duties, they were asked to prepare food for the hairy orphans (clean & cut 100 kg of vegetables).

11.12.13 (9)

Also, I taught them  how to select and collect fresh vegetables form our green house to prepare them on the same day for the chimps.

12.12.13 (13)

They have also become experts in hiding food (enrichment) on the outside chimp playgrounds as the 3 of them assisted Fabienne in her daily enrichment activities.

11.12.13 (2)

11.12.13 (4)

Paola, Blanche and Murielle now know nearly everything of our Sanctuary. Fabienne and I aswered to all their questions. We gave them a tour of our education centre so that they could better understand what we do and why we save chimpanzees here in Lubumbashi.

Thank you, Murielle, Blanche and Paola for your interest in our work. We hope you learned a lot of things and that you liked your experience at J.A.C.K.!


J.A.C.K. / Roxane

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