A SOS from the Bas-Uele
A SOS from the Bas-Uele

A SOS from the Bas-Uele

Local authorities from Bas Uele (north of DRC) have arrested some poachers with several species destined to trafficking. Between them, protected and emblematic species as Okapi (skin) and at least 4 chimpanzees, two of them are in very bad shape.

Law enforcement in DRC is a pending subject and we are very proud of local authorities who against all odds were able to arrest these poachers.

A SOS was activated by the local authority asking for help, not only to save the lives of the animals involved but also to keep the poachers in prison (unfortunately at least one of them have already escaped…).

A combined effort is being made by ICCN, J.A.C.K. and LWIRO PRIMATES , together with local ONGs APPACOL and COPHEGES to send a lawyer and a vet to support the admirable efforts of the authorities.

Together we will do everything possible to save the chimpanzees. They are a collateral damage to bushmeat poaching. Having watched their families killed for bushmeat, they were then captured and held captive, waiting to be sold as pets.

But we will also fight for justice, for them and all the wildlife being killed with total impunity.

📷Credit pictures to authorities Bas Uele.