NADI the mangabey with fractured hips
NADI the mangabey with fractured hips

NADI the mangabey with fractured hips

NADI is part of the 20 latest primates  rescued and repatriated from Lodja. As explained earlier, some were more or less well, while others suffered from wounds, skin problems, malnutrition, dehydration and – unfortunately – fractures

This is the case of NADI, a small black crested Mangabey (Lophocebus aterrimus aterrimus).

When he arrived, we indeed noticed a problem with his motor skills (he could not walk and was crying in pain) and we immediately took X-rays of his pelvis.

The findings were not encouraging: the hips were fractured in two places and he needed Calcium but also rest, a low and small cage to avoid movements and to facilitate calcification.

But NADI is a young male who can’t stay still and so his convalescence is not obvious.

However, one month after his arrival, we have just done a new X-ray and there is some progress since one side is starting to heal.

So, we think that as he is young, he will be able to recover and that he will just need time and a lot of love for everything to heal properly!

Send him all your positive vibes and if you want to support him in terms of good nutrition and calcium supplements, you can make a free donation below. Thank you for HIM!