Baby Kaly meeting others
Baby Kaly meeting others

Baby Kaly meeting others

Dear all,

Kaly was handed over by DRC authorities to JACK last October and because of her very young age, she spent most of her quarantine days at JACK with surrogate moms Angeline and Fabienne. I took care of her every single night.

06.02.14 (2)

Last month, we decided Kaly was strong and healthy enough to meet others of her own kind and she has since then met several members of her future group: Luna, Maïka, Vida, Ekolo & now Tommy!

with Maïka & best friend Luna
06.02.14 (1)
sharing enrichment pasta with Ekolo

Today, Kaly is staying with Tommy as Luna had to go back in her group again. Next time, I’ll introduce Kaly probably to Kimo and to Lynn. I’m sure, they’ll accept her very easily and Kaly will get on well with them too!

staying these days alone with Tommy

Kaly isn’t yet totally introduced in the nursery group. I have noticed she is very slow in trusting others and that’s why we need to be very cautious about her introduction.

Kaly sharing LUNA’s (huge) bedding

 I’ll keep you posted,

Thank you for following THEM,

 Roxane/ J.A.C.K.

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