developments 2013
developments 2013

developments 2013

J.A.C.K. is a sanctuary saving chimpanzees from the bush meat trade and also from the illegal exotic pet trade.But, to host these growing ape orphans, J.A.C.K. needs help for building and for improving facilities.

In 2012, J.A.C.K. started the Nursery 2 Project which is the development of a second nursery area with both a new playground and new night rooms. The project of the night quarter in 2012 was essentially supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation . The works weren’t finished; building facilities is extremely costly!!


Therefore, in 2013, thanks to (1) the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, (2) the International Primate Protection League and (3) the Born Free Foundation, J.A.C.K managed to continue what had been previously started and one night room is now completely built!


Foundations of two extra night facilities have been constructed t0o as well as the concrete floor of the futur tunnel that will link Nursery 1 to Nursery 2. Yes, playground of Nursery 1 (C1 on picture) will be linked to playground of Nursery 2 (C2) which will provide the chimps more space and extra shelter during cold and rainy weather! Also, in this way, the nursery group will be allowed to go from one playground to another and  have more space to play and to stay!


But the Nursery 2 Project isn’t yet finished. Two more night rooms have to be built as well as the tunnel.  This means that, according to donations,  we will be again be very busy building and improving the sanctuary this year at J.A.C.K. !!

2014.02 - merci dons

Again J.A.C.K. wishes to thank its generous donours for their trust and for their wish to give these orphans the best! J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to achieve all these important works without their wonderful support!

Thank YOU for THEM!

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