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CONSERVATION OF A SPECIES GOES ALONG WITH EDUCATION. Thanks to our work of spreading awareness in the city of Lubumbashi, no more chimpanzees have been seen on sale/illegaly detained since 2014!


Don’t buy me!
Don’t eat me!
Don’t sell me!
Respect me!

Education is important to the Conservation of a species!

As previously mentioned, our NGO was selected to be among the different exhibitors of the first international tourism fair of Katanga.


All our efforts have been concentrated on our booth: we wanted it to be attractive, interesting and educational. We therefore wish to heartly thank an active member of J.A.C.K., Jean-Pierre M, who ran our information booth during these 3 long days.

stand jack salon

At the opening of the Fair, we were honoured to welcome a good Friend of J.A.C.K., Ms  Thérèse LUKENGE KAPWIBWE, DRC  Provincial Minister of Sports, Gender, Family and Children, Tourism, Art and Culture  as well as Mr Audax Sompwe Kaunda, Provincial Director of Tourism of ex-Katanga Province, who came to encourage J.A.C.K. in its cumbersome Conservation mission.

atorités stand - Copie

Also, many other visitors  met Jean-Pierre and some even visited our sanctuary to have a better idea of what we have achieved so far.

visiteurs stand

08 - aout2

Many thanks to  Palma Okapi Tours for the organistion of this surprising event and kudos to Isaac who made that event real ! It was a wonderful experience to all of us!


Thanks to the generosity of two main donors, the International Primate Protection League and the ARCUS Foundation, J.A.C.K. has been given the opportunity to continue the works of developping  its education centre.

Today, the education area  is made of 4 hut-shaped-education buildings; each hut has a particular topic related to Conservation and to Chimpanzees.

educ centre

Education hut #1 enumerates the threats great apes are facingevery day (habitat destruction, bushmeat trade, exotic pet trade, diseases)  and what international/national solutions are brought to help save them;

education 1

Education hut #2 explains what a sanctuary is and why/how chimpanzee orphans arrive at J.A.C.K. A small puppet theater is attached to the building where kids can create their own conservation stories. This is the building that perished totally during the arson of September 2013 and which was totally restored.

education 2


Education hut #3 gives a general idea of monkeys  and shows the difference between monkeys and great apes.

education hut 3

Education hut #4 talks about chimpanzees mainly: habitat, anatomy, behaviour, reproduction, food, using and building tools….


 All these wonderful constructions wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of IPPL and of the Arcus Foundation and that’s why we again and again wish to thank both institutions for their attention and their wish to be part of the survival of South DRC chimpanzees.

2014 - merci ippl & arcus 2013

Thank YOU for THEM !




The Zoo of La Palmyre is located in France and has been supporting J.A.C.K. since 2009.

Its donations have helped our sanctuary improve the living conditions of our boarders (building nests & night rooms and developping the first steps of a volunteer camp) and this year the French Zoo decided it would participate in the exhaustive project of the Education Centre.

Since Conservation goes along  with Education, the Zoo of La Palmyre has sponsored education colourful boards in the Education building that shows the difference between Primates & Great Apes.


Merci encore à vous TOUS du Zoo de La Palmyre pour ce précieux soutien! Grâce à VOUS, nous arrivons à faire de grandes choses!


Yes, dear Friends of J.A.C.K.,

Our sanctuary welcomed a new orphan the day after Kala’s passing. Late in the afternoon a man came at the gates of our sanctuary with a young female chimpanzee. He came to hand over the chimp at J.A.C.K. as he had been trying to sell the primate for weeks and weeks in Lubumbashi without success. No one dared buying the chimp. In Lubumbashi people know these creatures are endangered, must be protected and not eaten nor detained in homes. So the man rather came to hand over the chimp as he was afraid it would die.


The baby was previously named ‘Shakira’ and the ‘owner’ had come with it from Kalemie (East Katanga) in order to sell the baby primate in Lubumbashi. The fact no one wished to buy the chimpanzee is a huge step forward for J.A.C.K. : it means our education action is working at each level since as well as DRC locals as well as expats refused to buy the young ape! DRC environment officials and police were called on post and the baby got legally confiscated from its ‘owner’.


Since Kala had just gone, we decided to name our new little friend ‘KALY’. She is about a year and a few months old, she is a bit dehydrated and malnutrished but she’ll be fine. Kaly has already adjusted to her new life, she gets on well with everyone of the team and vocalises a lot with the other chimps at J.A.C.K. She is still isolated from the different groups.


We will keep you updated,


Thank you,


J.A.C.K/ Roxane


Dear friends,

J.A.C.K. Sanctuary is rescuing common chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes Schweinfurtii) and bushbabies (Otolemur Crassicaudatus).

galagos & chimps

Why now talking about ‘silverbacks’? these creatures are gorillas? and J.A.C.K. has never rescued any … so why should there be a gorilla at J.A.C.K.? the answer is ‘for education’.

Yes, a wonderful concrete mountain gorilla is standing in the middle of one of our education huts to show visitors the difference between African monkeys and great apes. How would people be able to protect apes if they even can’t distinguish them from monkeys? This is the purpose of this 3rd education building totally sponsored by IPPL & ARCUS Foundation as well as the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST and MARKET TO AFRICA.


J.A.C.K.’s silverback was created by a local artist, Mr Félix, and he needed time and a lot of patience: buillding such concrete statue isn’t very easy, especially the face, and that’s why the head of our gorilla is slightly overdimensioned  as the weight of the cement gave Mr félix hard times to dry up neatly.

building concrete silverback

The huge gorilla statue attracts the eye immediately and even sometimes scares young visitors who believe it is a real ‘zamba‘ (word for gorilla in local Swahili language). But their fears don’t last very long as kids love to hug and sit on the back of the mountain gorilla!

28.03.13 (32)

We thank our sponsors for their trust and their wish to develop J.A.C.K. Education programme in Lubumbashi and we also thank  Mr Félix for his artistic skills and for his time!

07.06.13 (10)



Dear Friends,

Several months ago, we shared wonderful news: IPPL and their sponsor, the Arcus Foundation, had offered J.A.C.K. a substantial donation to launch  the first steps of J.A.C.K. education center: the construction of two hut-shaped-buildings were offered thanks to their generosity. The two education huts have already had a great success; visitors do like them!

first education buildings

Today, and thanks to the 2012 grant of IPPL and the Arcus Foundation, our sanctuary has been able to build another education hut (the thrid one),  and a fourth is already planned for the coming weeks as the whole complex must be operationnal by June 2013 !


education hut 3

This new education building will be teaching visitors on primates generally speaking and also on monkeys of Africa & of Madagascar. One board will introduce the main theme of education hut 4: the Great Apes.

the world of the primates


some African primates


great apes

great apes

Again, just like in the other education huts, colourful boards are painted to attract people’s interest. Moïse is the artist who has been working with us since the early beginning and he has become a real expert in drawing primates !

painter Moïse

In the middle of the hut a huge concrete gorilla is being built. Felix, the artist we are now working with, has been given the real measures of  an adult silverback which will for sure impress our future visitors!

concrete gorilla

More has to be done as you can see. At first, works were stopped because we had water issues (need water to prepare concrete) and today we are stuck because of heavy rains… But it seems the rains don’t prevent visitors from coming at our sanctuary… Remember, J.A.C.K. charges no entrance fees and is among the few places  where Conservation is being taught for free…

despite the rain, visitors come for free at J.A.C.K.

despite the rain, visitors come for free at J.A.C.K.

Everything will be finished in the near future  and we are convinced the two new education buildings will have as much impact on our visitors as the two first ones…. The third education building was inaugurated last week (although not completely finished!) and all the visitors were delighted with the big gorilla, the drawings and the Conservation messages.

kids inaugurating the new education building

kids inaugurating the new education building

Conservation through Education

Conservation through Education

All that beautiful work wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors! Thank you again IPPL and the Arcus Foundation for your wish to participate into our action of saving endangered species!


Thank YOU for THEM!


en Français, cliquez sur l’image -merci!





Dear Friends,

Chimpanzee poaching sadly continues to make inroads into wild populations: adult chimpanzees are still victims of the bushmeat trade, and their infants are still being bought mainly by expatriates and others who want to use them as pets.

Until now, J.A.C.K. has steered its incoming donations toward improving sanctuary facilities and maintaining physical and psychological well-being of its boarders. But with the rapid decline in the wild populations of these primates, the sanctuary has to expend more of its efforts to promoting conservation education among the locals.

Thanks to the substantial donation from the International Primate Protection league with the help of the ARCUS Foundation, J.A.C.K. has been able to launch the first steps of its Education Centre: the building of two educational huts developing Conservation messages.

first education buildings thanks to IPPL and its partners

These conservation messages are aimed to youngsters but do especially target individuals who either pose a threat to apes now (such as expatriates who are likely to purchase a primate pet) or who are in a position to help control threats (including deforestation, mining, bushmeat poaching, the pet trade, etc.) faced by wild apes in the DRC (such as wildlife officials, soldiers, and government authorities). Chimpanzees are said to have about 20 years left in the wild. This means that they can’t wait today’s young generations to grow into conservation advocates. Great Apes need today’s adults to take action right now and to give their species better chances of survival.

The first education hut is completely finished and it is dedicated to :

(1) the current and past distribution of chimpanzees and their  conservation status ,

Chimpanzee population on the decline

(2) the most important threats faced daily by great apes:

– habitat destruction and deforestation

habitat destruction & deforestation

– poaching, bushmeat, pet trade and trophies

poaching, bushmeat & pet trade

-wars and diseases

diseases and wars

(3) the common denominator to all the threats : the human being

humans are the main threat to chimpanzees

humans are the common denominator of ALL these threats

(4) the measures of protection as well as the laws implemented to protect Great Apes (nationally and internationally).solutions to help protect great apes

solutions to help protect great apes


There are in total 6 drawn education boards  and extra education items are displayed everywhere to provide better understandment of the cause to effect situation.

education hut 1

Education hut 2 isn’t finished yet. It so far displays the story of a young ape that is poached and brought to a PASA Sanctuary. Thanks to the kindness of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance we have been allowed to use its wonderful drawings from the PASA coloring book  which have a huge impact on kids.

second education building not finished

story of orphan chimp rescued by PASA Sanctuary

PASA drawings of colouring book

 This education area is more dedicated to youngsters as a puppet theater is going to see the light soon working on conservation themes and stories…

puppet theatre

More has to be done as more funds are needed to totally finish this education complex.

children interacting with chimp puppet

Children and adults have already been welcomed;  visitors are really shocked about what is going on because most of them ignore this appalling reality.

visitors discovering reality

Again J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Dr Shirley Mc Greal and the team of the International Primate Protection League as well as the people of the Arcus Foundation for their trust and for their wish to be part of this huge project. Thanks to you J.A.C.K. has been able to launch the first steps of its education programme.

Thank you for the chimpanzees!



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