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🌴Our ‘big’ boys are hunting for yummy peanut treats hidden in the high grass

Our keepers are used to hide pieces of fruits (vegetables or other festivities) into our day areas !

It looks like Vida found some of these little hidden surprises, and doesn’t hesitate to taste it all in the high grass for more tranquility 😄

🍊EARLY MORNING ENRICHMENT – food is hidden every day on the playgrounds to help our friends keep their #instinct of #forraging


Leaves of banana trees are yummy treats but also great enrichment items!!

Our sanctuary always tries to reuse every day items to modify them in enrichment tools. This is how the idea came up to fill up old socks with some dry food (cereals, pop corn, dry fruits, peanuts, etc) the chimps love!

Tody, we filmed JAC and you will see that he doesn’t care about opening the knot on  top of the sock : he rather bites the sock open to get the treats…

EKOLO is acting like an acrobat while playing with an old sock. His energy and balance impress me!

Dominant Tika doesn’t mind Pasa’s collecting some of the treats of his enriched bottles

Stealing the keepers’ bucket has always been fun and provided our young residents with great enrichment! Sitting high up in the trees, they had a better vieuw of what was going on at the sanctury!

Mare-Lo is a friend of J.A.C.K. living in Lubumbashi. Thanks to her, our residents were spoilt the other day as 132kg of banana leaves & trunks were offered and used as enrichment treats! All our fury friends were really delighted!!

Thank you again so much, Mare-Lo, for caring about THEM!

Temperatures are getting higher and our team regularly prepares fruity ice cubes for our residents. Of course, these kind of treats are greatly appreciated!!

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