Great support from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Great support from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Great support from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

In 2020, when our Founders applied for funds to construct homes for the 20 monkeys to repatriate from Zimbabwe, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium team was among the first supporters to help us. We were very happy to learn we could work again with this great institution since it had already sponsored our sanctuary 3 times in 3 different projects: (1) the building of our Education Centre (2013), (2) the building of our Vet Clinic (2018) and (3) contribution in the 2018 chimpanzee health checks (2018)

This time,  the Columbus Zoo  contributed to the construction of a small outside enclosure that could be used either as a quarantine area or as a bushy playground for the rescued primates.

The works started in November and were completely finished end of January shortly before the 20 survivors were repatriated from Zimbabwe. The building is a huge metallic structure containing poles, platforms, galvanized bars, nests, drinkers and feeders. The soil is dark soil with high grass sothat the residents can dig and hide.

(beginning of the works)

(works finished)

When the 20 monkeys arrived from Zimbabwe, it was obvious the different sub-species didn’t get along well all together and that they had to be separated. The golden mangabeys, for instance, didn’t like the company of the two agile mangabeys and, this is why these latter were set the day after their arrival in this brand new small outside facility for the time new enclosures would be built for them only!


Many thanks to the Columbus Zoo Team and Donors for their great contribution which provided these survivors with the best accomodation when they arrived from Zimbabwe.

Thank YOU for THEM!