Rescue of 25 primates – works (part 4)

🐵WORKS TO ACCOMODATE THE 25 PRIMATES CONTINUE – we are happy the 2 first satellite cages are nearly finished and ready to accomodate the 25 monkeys once they arrive at the sanctuary! These beautful works are possible only thanks to the generosity of:

Thank YOU all for THEM!

Rescue of 25 primates – works continue (part 3)

Thanks to the great kindness and trust of wonderful people and organizations, our sanctuary has managed to build 2 of the 4 satellite cages. More works are on progress as we also need a small kitchen, water, electricity, jungle gyms, etc.

Rescue of 25 primates: works continue (part 2)

Thanks to the beautiful generosity of amazing partners and donors, our Founders have been able to launch the works to built 4 huge facilities to accomodate the 25 coming primates.

Today, 2 of the facilities are nearly ready – the roof will be fixed in the coming hours.

Many thanks again to the incredible institutions who make this challenge come true:

Dear Partners and Sponsors, thank you again for everything! Without your support, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to achieve all this!

Thank YOU for THEM!

The works to host the 25 monkeys have started (part 1)

So far, J.A.C.K. sanctuary has always been home to chimpanzees.

However, the latest known issue of primate traficking didn’t leave Franck  Roxane, the Founders of J.A.C.K.,  untouched and they decided to rescue these poor creatures that were smuggled from the DR Congo and stopped/confiscated at the Zimbabwean border on their route to South Africa, and most probably China… These monkeys are endemic to the DRC – they have to return to their home country and live nowhere else!

While negociations were ongoing between the wildlife authorities of Zimbabwe and of the DR Congo, J.A.C.K. had to find funds to build the most appropriate facilities for the 25 monkeys.

Thanks to the valuable support of PASA and of several donors and partners, Franck and Roxane managed to launch the first steps of this brand new construction project.

For the last 10 days, the team of artisans used to work at J.A.C.K. ( bricklayers, welder, plumber, etc.) has indeed worked hard to make this adventure come true. The monkeys are meant to arrive next week, so we keep our fingers crossed everything will be fine!

See below the evolution of the works: from October 28th till today, November the 7th.

J.A.C.K. is extrememly thankful to all the people who have been involved and who are still involved in this rescue! It is a good thing works can progress daily!

Also, J.A.C.K. still relies on your generosity as providing shelter to wildlife is one thing; but  to feed it is another thing! Join the fundraiser of J.A.C.K. and provide these monkeys with all that they need!


J.A.C.K. LOCKDOWN/DAY 55 – Thank you, Forgotten Parks Foundation!

Thanks to the great generosity of Forgotten Parks Foundation, each team member of J.A.C.K. was offered one bag of 25kg of mielie meal. Keep in mind our staff has been on lockdown since April 1st to keep the sanctuary and its reidents safe from the Covid-19 virus!

Many thanks also to Mr Robert MUIR, ICCN Provincial Director of Great Katanga as it is thanks to his kindness that our workers were given these wonderful presents! Facial masks have been donated too for each family member of our team…


2019 Health Checks

Every year, health checks take place at J.A.C.K. All the residents of the sanctuary are sedated, blood is drawn, fecal and urine samples are taken (if possible), chimps are weighed, their limbs are measured,etc. Health checks are long moments of stress for the chimps AND for the team as each step of sedation must be made carefully!

This year, J.A.C.K. decided to ask for some assistance. The chimps are getting tall, heavy and it is always interesting to share this experience with friends longing to attend the event! This is how 3 European friends came to help out (2 vets + 1 ethologist). Also,  J.A.C.K. had the chance to welcome Dr Calvi  (Chimfunshi Wildlife orpahange – Zambia) to guide our vet, Dr christian, through the different health check procedures.

Another vet, Dr Theo, was invited to attend the health checks: J.A.C.K regurlarly gives the opportunity to local vets to assist Dr Christian sothat they can gain experience with great apes.


Of course, J.A.C.K. team of keepers was very helpful too! They all helped to transfer the sedat individuals to and from the clinic, they stayed next to them until the woke up completely and all the keepers had their routine still going on for the residents who were not darted that day… All the logistic part of the event was run by Papa Ngoy, our head keeper, and by Roxan, co-fonder of the sanctury.

Every person involved had his/her own schedule so that each sedation takes place in the best way; the whole team worked in harmony.

After several days of hard work, the first results of the analyses came out and most of them were good. A few issues such as anemia and urine infection had to be dealt with, which was done immediately by J.A.C.K. vet, Dr Christian.

Once all the sedations were finished, the volunteer assistants flew back home and life got back to normal at the sanctuary.

Many thanks to these volunteers and to the team of JA.C.K. for their interest, love and professionalism.


Many, many thanks to the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE  who offered the needed hypodermic equipment (darts and needles) for this particular event. And, also, J.A.C.K. is grateful to the MINNESOTA UNIVERSITY for its sponsorship regarding some analyses that were carried out and regarding Dr Calvi’s journey and stay in the DRCongo.

Finally, we wish to thank all the Friends of J.A.C.K. sponsoring its residents. Any contribution goes straight to the care and the well being of the sponsored chimpanzees!!




14/7 – J.A.C.K. in the South of France

On July 14th, it will be the World Chimpanzee Day and, for that very particular occasion, J.A.C.K. has been invited by the Réserve Africaine of Sigean to be part to this important event! Loads of games will be organised for the children and J.A.C.K. will be holding a stand and meet visitors to talk about its work in the DRCongo. Roxane, co-founder of J.A.C.K. will be at Sigean on that very special day!

The “24 gute Taten” Project

In 2018, J.A.C.K. had been selected to participate in an Advent Calendar project. The action aimed in selling calendars in the shape of Christmas trees holding 24 little doors  meant to introduce and support 24 different NGO’s.

This huge calendar project is ran by 24 GUTE TATEN  (24 good deeds), a German organisation supporting both humanitarian and environmental projects. 24 gute Taten is a charitable, commited and independent association. It helps people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin or gender.

The amount of the sponsorship depends on how many calendars were purchased. These are usually sold on Internet but also in schools, companies, and via advertising campains.

J.A.C.K. has been lucky enough to be part of last year’s calendar project thanks to its generous donor, PRO WILDLIFE. The wonderful team of Pro Wildlife indeed kindly helped us do all the paper work and it also introduced us to 24 gute Taten eV. As a result, early 2019, our sanctuary was granted enough money to cover:

* the purchase of some medical equipment for the veterinary clinic

* most of the veterinary fees (medication, analyses, etc)

* the maintenance and the cleaning of structures (kitchen, night rooms, clinic, etc)

This amazing grant supported J.A.C.K. during the 6 first months of year 2019. This unexpected sponsorship was a huge relief since so many things are missing and everything is so costly in this part of the world!

Many, many THANKS to the team and to the donors of 24gute Taten! Your project is stunning!

And a huge THANK YOU also to the great team of Pro Wildlife which guided us through the whole project process!!


Bee hives at J.A.C.K.

We all know chimpanzees love honey and that they hunt for it in the wild!

This year, our sanctuary decided to build its own bee hives.

Imported honey is costly and the local honey is produced far away. For the last few years, we have known a severe shortage  especially during the rainy season when routes between villages and cities  are usually interrupted (heavy rains & floods, broken bridges, transport issues, bumpy & half-sunken roads, etc.)

Therefore, one of our local sponsors, the VINMART FOUNDATION, accepted to participate into this beautiful project. A team of the Foundation set up the 5 bee hives in the small forest surrounding J.A.C.K.

Bees arrived later on. Because of the rains, they were very shy but end of July two hives had been colonised.

We will still have to wait before harvesting our first honey! Bees here do also suffer from pollution and they are getting extinct too! However, we keep our fingers crossed and we try to remain positive as we are more than convinced our chimps will LOVE their Jack-made honey!!

Many, many thanks again to the VINMART FOUNDATION for its trust and wish to be part of our action! We all feel very blessed we can work together