Imminent rescue of 25 primates

In September, a truck smuggling monkeys from the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa was intercepted in Zimbabwe on a route that some investigators believe is commonly used to traffic wildlife before exporting them overseas. 

It’s been two long months now that these primates are being looked after by different organisations and people in Zimbabwe. 

The Founders of J.A.C.K.congratulate the Wildlife Authorities of Zimbabwe (Zimbbwe Parks and Wildlife) for arresting the culprits and they also thank every single person involved who has brought appropriate care to these victims of the wildlife trade.

To the Founders of J.A.C.K., since these monkeys have originated from the DRC and are endemic to the DRC, their place is to be returned back to their natural origins!

Therefore, along with DRC Wildlife Authorities, J.A.C.K. has been working on their rescue with the aim the rehabilitate them in order to give them a chance to go back to their forests once they are grow older and stronger.

However, since J.A.C.K. is primarily a chimpanzee sanctuary, the Founders of the sanctuary have contacted their international donors and partners to build urgent facilities so as to accomodate these 25 monkeys at best. 

In addition to this, a fundraiser has been set up: funds are needed to provide these survivors with decent food and with appropriate vet care . Also, a new keeper must be hired and trained – a person that will take 100% care of them!

    Will you be part of this largest primate rescue?

Click on the picture below and see how you can help these 25 orphaned monkeys



April 6th is a special day

Yes, the first chimpanzee Franck and I ever rescued was baby JAK and he arrived in our lives on the 6th of April 2006 – 12 years ago!

Today, 12 years later, although JAK was assassinated in this criminal arson of September 5th 2006, this first baby we rescued is still among us. His sad depart made our will to help these creatures stronger. We created our NGO and many other members of JAK species were rescued thanks to J.A.C.K.. Also, the illegal ape trade in our town has been stopped for about 4 years noW as no new chimpanzees can be seen on sale on the streets of Lubumbashi.


If we hadn’t met JAK, our lives wouldn’t be like it is today!

The team had a yummy Birthday cake and some soft drinks on this particular occasion and I felt o happy to see my team so happy and proud of what has been achieved so far! They all are part of the adventure too and Franck and I are grateful for our team’s love and wish to take good care of our rescued friends.

Franck & Chibo 7 years later

CHIBO est the young bonobo J.A.C.K. rescued in May 2010 and sent to LOLA… 7 years later, Franck and CHIBO meet again: the bonobo seems shy, hesitating but then starts interacting with Franck as he probably recognises the person who saved his life…

VIDÉO – J.A.C.K. à LOLA YA BONOBOCHIBO est le jeune bonobo que J.A.C.K. a sauvé en mai 2010 et a transféré à LOLA… Retrouvailles 7 ans plus tard avec Franck: CHIBO semble timide, confus et finit par interagir avec Franck car il reconnaît celui qui lui a sauvé la vie…——VIDEO – J.A.C.K. at LOLA YA BONOBOCHIBO est the young bonobo J.A.C.K. rescued in May 2010 and sent to LOLA… 7 years later, Franck and CHIBO meet again: the bonobo seems shy, hesitating but then starts interacting with Franck as he probably recognises the person who saved his life…

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2 new steps for baby Mata

Mata is doing fine and is slowly recovering from all the trauma he went through before arriving at J.A.C.K.  He is eating well, has put on weight but has however  lost a lot of hair probably because of the bad conditions he had been kept in a few months ago. His fur is now hopefuly growing back, which is a good sign!!


Maman Angeline is taking good care of him. Mata has become extremely playful with more selfconfidence than before: he doesn’t want to have naps any more as he wants to play and play and play all the time!!

DSC08438 This is the reason why we decided Mata would spend his days at J.A.C.K. We can feel he is ready for new experiences and being at J.A.C.K. is important since he can see, hear and smell the others. Mata vocalises a lot when he hears the other chimpanzees but he also shouts on the big noisy ones!!  This is a new step for him which makes him understand he isn’t alone! Angeline regularly takes him for walks through the forest and Mata keeps on watching and observing each and everything! 2014-06-19-1517 Another good thing is that Mata now likes to drink milk (he refused milk for nearly 3 weeks!) and to have a milkbottle with a teet (which he also refused several weeks ago!). However, there is still a little problem: Mata  can’t hold his botlle in his hands and has found a Plan B  : he lays the bottle on the table  to drink his fruit juice very easily! Very clever, Mata! 06 - juin4 Maman Angeline is doing great too and she is happy to be with the team again at J.A.C.K.! Her body isn’t sore any more and she is just as fit as before – a real miracle!!! DSC08441

Mata, new arrival at J.A.C.K.

A new chimp orphan arrived at the sanctuary several days ago: Mata, a young male  a bit older than 1 year old.


Weak, déhydrated, extremely thin (4kg) because of malnutrition and very stressed, Mata took a lot of time before accepting his new environment and before realizing a chance of better life was offered to him. His stomach was so shrunk he hardly could digest small quantities of food and liquids. It’s with a lot of love and patience that we finally managed to get him eat without any problems of regurgitations.


Mata’s first nights were awful. He was so stressed he needed company all night. He woke up many times, had nightmares and needed contact constantly. Since Mata is having his quarantine at our place (we don’t have yet the quarantine facility for little ones like these at J.A.C.K.), I take care of him at night and give him all the love n care he needs.


Today, baby Mata has put on weight, has gained in selfconfidence and is no longer stressed. He likes to walk around on hiw own (no longer in the arms) and to discover his new environment. Mata has regular visits at J.A.C.K. where he can see other chimpanzees and realize he is not alone. I thought he would be interested in the very young ones (Kaly, Luna), but Mata actually loves to see the ‘big’ juveniles such as Mwisho and Washu… they probably remind the newcomer of members of his (lost) group…


I’ll keep you updated…

J.A.C.K. not only rescues chimps!

Dear All,


Yes, I believe this small bat was lucky! It was found stuck inside our office the other day and Franck managed to catch it in order to relesae it at the sanctuary.




We released it just before dark to be sure it could still fly… and flew straight up in the trees!!!



The next day, no bat to be seen; so it meant it had gone… This good news made our day!




4 orphans rescued in 2011

Dear All!


In year 2011, 4 orphans were rescued by our sanctuary: 2 female chimpanzees, 1 bush baby and 1 very young pangolin.

2011 rescued orphans - sponsors/participants

2011 : 4 rescued orphans

These rescues weren’t possible without the help of DRC authorities, of several  sponsors and of different  participants which we kindly thank for their  financial and active intervention. 

The two chimps which were rescued are LYNN and LUNA.

Lynn rescued in June and Luna in July 2011

Lynn rescued in June and Luna in July 2011

Lynn is now well introduced into the nursery group and can enjoy life with other young chimpanzees of her age.

Luna will be introduced soon into the nursery group and has already met some of its members.

The new bushbaby is an adult male. He went to hard times at the beginning because of this complete change in his life but he is now doing fine and  has settled in totally.

new bush baby - sorry, he's sleeping :-(

new bush baby - sorry, he's sleeping...

Baby pangolin left us a few days after its rescue. Pangolins aren’t easy to keep in captivity and although we had advice from friends specialised in pangolins, the little one didn’t make it…

pangolin - also sleeping...

pangolin - also sleeping...

Some of the new arrivals weren’t easy to work with at the beginning and therefore J.A.C.K. also wants to thank its team as well as  a few  friends who voluntarily helped with the new comers.

Thank you all !


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a wonderful happy end

Dear All,

This is a lovely story to end year 2010.

End of last week, someone called Franck saying he had a man in his car with two very small chimpanzees. In less than 10 minutes Environment inspectors + the Minister of the Environment were aware of the situation and ready to come to confiscate both chimps. Franck and I were sick and cross: two more chimps, all that slaughter again and again… 

Upon arrival, things turned out to be completely different! Even the Environment inspectors who had jumped in emergency into our car started laughing: the two primates weren’t chimps but very tiny baby baboons….

two baboons and not two chimps!

two baboons and not two chimps!

What a relief! Believe me! But we were still upset because the mum of these little ones had just been killed for her meat and the man was selling the babies as pets! We were worried about the future of these little ones because we had no place for them at J.A.C.K.

Franck trying to gain the baboons'trust

Franck trying to gain the baboons'trust to cut the ropes off

Franck asked the Zoo of Lubumbashi for advice. The Zoo is also at full capacity and no enclosure was available for the baboons. But finally, it was decided to give the babies a chance and to introduce them to a mummy baboon of the same species that had been isolated for weeks because of eye cataract.

a new mum for the little ones!

a new mum for the little ones!

To put the little ones with her was the only solution. So, the Environment inspectors started the legal confiscation procedure while Franck and I were trying to introduce the new comers to their surrogate mum and… all went well!

baby baboon with surrogate mum

baby baboon with surrogate mum

Yes, the young female accepted the two little ones and the babies went immediately into her arms!!!

baby baboon

baby baboon

Today, the babies are still with their mum and we feel very very happy for the 3 of them: the female is no longer alone and the 2 little baboons have now safe and strong arms to protect them!

happy ones!

happy ones!

mum and 2 little ones

mum and 2 little ones

Well done everyone and many thanks to the Zoo to have given the babies a second chance and also thank you to all the people who participated to this rescue ….baby on the back





baby on the back

Welcome, EKOLO

Dear All,

Most of you who also follow J.A.C.K. on our Facebook page must have heard about a baby chimpanzee seized in Kinshasa and ready to be flown to Lubumbashi.

Well, yes, EKOLO arrived just a few days ago at J.A.C.K. and is now settling in.

Franck opening Ekolo's transfer crate

Franck opening Ekolo's transfer crate

EKOLO was sent to our sanctuary by Lola Ya Bonobo. When confiscating the young primate, people believed this little male was a bonobo… so, when Lola confirmed it was a chimpanzee, they decided to rescue the little one and they organised his transfer just the way we did with Chibo, the bonobo we rescued in Lubumbashi last May and who is now well integrated in a bonobo group at Lola!

crate open, baby surprised to be in a new environment

crate open, baby surprised to be in a new environment

EKOLO is very young (one year and a few months) and is doing well. He loves to be hugged by everyone….

first milk with Franck

first milk with Franck

This little one is said to come from the forests near Kisangani not far from where Tom and Kim were rescued…. slaughter will never end!

first hug

first hug

THANK YOU Claudine, Fanny  and your LOLA team for having given EKOLO the opportunity to join a chimpanzee group. THANK YOU also to the DRC authorities who helped organising this transfer. And THANK YOU again HEWA BORA for your free participation in this rescue operation.

Ekolo, 36th orphan chimp at J.A.C.K

Ekolo, 36th orphan chimp at J.A.C.K

Don’t worry baby Ekolo, we are going to take good care of you and you’ll meet some little chimp friends very very soon! I promise you!!!

welcome to J.A.C.K. , EKOLO!

welcome to J.A.C.K. , EKOLO!