Chimp Easter Event D-1
Chimp Easter Event D-1

Chimp Easter Event D-1

Sorry I couldn’t talk about this event earlier; we had technical problems on this website.

Last Wednesday, we launched the ‘Chimp Easter Event’ to provide the chimps living at J.A.C.K. one day of enrichment items they love (bamboo mats & fruits) as well as one new item they have never seen before: wicker baskets.

photo 2.1-005 - Copie

Some of you immediately responded to our fund-raising event as in only in a few hours the needed funds had been offered to J.A.C.K.  We bought the baskets, the bamboo mats and the fruits on post and on Friday all the mats and baskets were delivered.

04 - avril3

Today (Saturday) when the cardboard boxes of oranges and apples arrived, Fabienne and Julia decorated the baskets and the mats. Two more friends came to help as everything had to be done today!

photo 1

DSC07677 DSC07679



Tomorrow will be D-Day and more pictures will come! We are so eager to see the chimps’ reactions which we will of course share with all of you!!!

Thank you again to our friends who generously donated to make this event happen! And also thank you to Fabienne, Julia, sandrine and Mirko who helped us organise all the enrichment items for tomorrow!



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