Easter for THEM too
Easter for THEM too

Easter for THEM too

Many of you who follow us know that our youngest orphans went through a tough flu outbreak last March and that the most vulnerable ones (Mata, Kaly & Luna) had been the most affected and isolatd in warm rooms for more than two weeks!

Today, they are all recovering slowly and we are providing the whole group with syrups (multiviamines).

However, we can feel this isn’t enough and that a balanced diet made of fresh fruit would be more suitable…

This is why we launch this Easter appeal: local economy is crashing due to political instability. Prices are increasing. Fresh fruit is very expensive as most of it (apples, oranges and bananas) is imported from Zambia! In a few words: J.A.C.K. can’t afford buying all these yummy treats for its rescued friends and needs help.

Please, join Mata, Kaly, Luna and their furry friends on following link HERE and offer THEM special treats! They are 38 growing youngsters and diserve some Easter treats too, don’t they???

Thank YOU again and again for THEM !

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