enrichment bags
enrichment bags

enrichment bags

Dear All,


Fabienne and J.A.C.K. friend, Anne, decided they would sew little bags to hide treatson the playgrounds. They therefore took old cloth they cut in small pieces. Anne took her sewing machine and assembled the little bags after Fabienne had filled them with treats (almonds, peanuts and raisins).

photo 4

The two ladies worked a whole afternoon and were too excited to see the attitude of the chimps on the next day when dicovering the bags on their playgrounds.

photo 5

At first, the chimps didn’t pay attention at all. Attracted by the colors of the bags, a few chimps collected  and smelled them but didn’t know they had to tear them open.

28.11.13 (23)1

It is only when a chimp bit and tore a bag that the others finally understood how to proceed to get the treats!!

28.11.13 (51)

 Since then, all our residents know what to do and the little enrichment bags have no longer secrets any more at J.A.C.K. !

28.11.13 (45)

Many thanks again to Fabienne and Anne who work hard to give the chimps enrichment every day! You, girls, are doing such a great job for these captive orphans! Thank you for THEM!

28.11.13 (118)


J.A.C.K. / Roxane

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