KIKI the Malbrouck monkey
KIKI the Malbrouck monkey

KIKI the Malbrouck monkey

Since the arrival of the 20 DRC monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe, J.A.C.K. has become a Primate Rehabilitation Centre and is no longer working with chimpanzees only. Therefore, it has become a priority to our Founders to also rescue the poor monkeys in around Lubumbashi who are kept in horrible conditions…

Keep in mind that most of the people here do not respect animals generally speaking and that taking wildlife out of the forest to fatten it, to eat it is more than normal!

This is how, a few months ago, remember, we rescued two baby vervets (Malbroucks), Casi & Sino,  kept in a small parrot cage by Chinese people who were probably going to have them on their menu…

KIKI is a Malbrouck monkey too (a local subspecies of vervet monkeys). He’s about two years old. He was attached to something that looked like a « shelter ».

The rope was about 1m long thus not giving much chance to the poor primate to walk around the place. People touched him most of the time. The « owner » didn’t want to keep him and, before something bad would arrive to him, Founder Franck decided to rescue him!

KIKI, today, is having a peaceful life at the sanctuary. No one is teasing him any more. He had to learn how to jump again and how to keep his balance on bars since he had been kept attached with a very short rope to his kenne!

He’s adjusting well to his new life and will soon meet others of his own kind!

More about KIKI soon…