SCT always of great help!
SCT always of great help!

SCT always of great help!

Earlier this month, J.A.C.K. took part in a huge fundraising event named ‘Great Apes Giving Day’. Friends of our Sanctuary did their best to fundraise and the team of the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust (SCT) was among the dear Ambassadors who collected funds for our 38 residents.

Yes, thanks to the determination of the fantastic Swedish team and thanks to the wonderful support of its great sponsors, SCT offered a bit more than 1700USD to the chimps of J.A.C.K. in addition to the 1700USD that were fundraised during the Great Apes Giving Day event. J.A.C.K. was extremely surprised and happy to discover this incredible donation which , again, proves us SCT wants to provide our orphans with the best care!

Ing-Marie, Johnny, Anneli, Lisa, Denise, Adina,  and all the great sponsors , thank YOU all for your wonderful support that will help us buy food and vet supplies for the coming weeks. Political unrest and insecurity are still on the agenda here in the DRC which deepen the economic recession. So, you can understand how any donation represents MAGIC to us !

Thank YOU all again from the deepest of our hearts! You are amazing Friends!


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  1. When I myself have been in place and I have seen how J.A.C.K. every day struggle for survival! It is a huge responsibility you carry on your shoulders. Once you have gotten to know the love from a chimpanzee, set them in the eyes, then you will try to promise them a future! It is just that Franck and Roxane tries.
    And although we are far away from you we will always try to be a helping hand!
    Whith Love / Ing-Marie

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