Sedations of Seki & Tongo went well !
Sedations of Seki & Tongo went well !

Sedations of Seki & Tongo went well !

Many thanks to all of YOU who sent Seki and Tongo positive vibes this morning! We had a long and stressful day for both the chimpanzees and our team. We are extremely lucky all went well: our residents were very calm and Seki even made me a manicure and a special grooming of my hands and arms while waiting for the vet…

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We psent most of the time with Seki since one tooth had to be removed: for several months, the gum had created like a bubble of skin in his mouth thus hiding a sick and broken tooth. Our volunteer vet, Dr Binemo, had no other choice than to extract it as it soon was going to provide further pain and… infection!


Tongo’s case is a bit different: for about a year, this young male has had multiple abcesses in his neck. Last year, his two sick upper central incisives were removed and we thought this was the source of all that trouble.

Unfortunately, 6 months later, more abscesses started and pus samples, after analyse, were said to be ‘sterile’. Today, more samples have been taken and the wound was deeply cleaned. It is more than urgent we find the best treatment for Tongo: these abscesses are painful, makes him scratch them all the time (thus creating more infection!) and Tongo has lost some weight (not sure if there is a link or not?!)…


Seki and Tongo are now back in their night rooms and will be isolated for a few days for observation. I will keep you updated!



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