sore hands for baby Mata
sore hands for baby Mata

sore hands for baby Mata

Baby Mata is now staying with a few orphan chimps of his age. Since he is now getting bigger, stronger and more self confident, he enjoys playing with the others and hangs, swings in the night quarters just like his friends do. But his skin is still very thin and fragile and young Mata has just developped sores on the palms of both his hands.





Maman Angeline keeps the wounds clean and  a protective ointment is used 2 – 3 times/day  to help the tissue repair.





This all looks easy to do. But taking care of Mata’s hands isn’t a simple task since Mata doesn’t like us to keep his hands still for a while. Therefore, this morning Mata was offered some fresh strawberries from our green garden as to reward his patience.



Many thanks again to Maman Angeline for all the good job – in a few days, the sores will be gone!

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