updates on baby Kaly
updates on baby Kaly

updates on baby Kaly

Kaly arrived at J.A.C.K. in October 2013 and has settled in very well. She is now living in a small group with other infants of her age. Baby Kaly is a strong and healthy little primate wheighing 10 kgs. She is extremely playful and is always happy and in a good mood.


Last Saturday it was Kaly’s first anniversary at J.A.C.K. and the team had organised her favourite treat: little banana balls mixed with cereals and raisins. Of course, her friends had some treats too.




Kaly was also offered tennis balls and she really had a lot of fun- and her friends too!!! See by yourself on following video…

[youtube VQGA9FgKMy8]

We are all  happy to see Kaly doing so well! After all that fun, Kaly was taken for a long bush walk as we know chimps love climbing trees and play in the bush!



By the end of the day, Kaly seemed really exhausted! And her firends too!!


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