Thanks to the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE
Thanks to the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE

Thanks to the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE

In June 2022, with the massive arrival of these different species of small monkeys from Lodja, it was obvious that some of them were not going to be able to live together for very long and that it was more than important to offer each species of primates day and night facilities adapted to their needs and habits. In view of this situation, the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE reacted very quickly to support the J.A.C.K. Primate Rehabilitation Center located in the DRC.

This is how J.A.C.K. was able to set up an external enclosure for the red-tailed monkeys (Cercopithecus ascanius katangae).

Later on, in November 2022, the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE also supported us in the security of the J.A.C.K. sanctuary following the tragedy that took place (Kidnapping of baby chimpanzees), the sanctuary had to further strengthen the security of its site to protect its residents and its team.

Thanks to the ZOO DE LA PALMYRE, J.A.C.K was able to :

– Protect surveillance cameras by installing lightning rods ;


– Fence certain areas of the site with barbed wire fencing.

Dear Friends of the ZOO DE LA PALMYE, all our residents thank you for your precious help. They say « thank you for being the ones to give us the life we have never had »