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The Problem
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Remember, Bapu is the young female chimpanzee that broke her tibia last September. She underwent surgery twice and had to be isolated in a small cage to prevent her from standing on her leg.

Bapu did well: her bone healed up well and the chimp was very very patient!

Then, when the doctors decided she could go back into her group, Bapu had to be introdced again to her friends. All of them were so happy to see her. If you look at the footage below, it is the first time Bapu goes outside in nearly 7 months and her friends vocalise a lot when she coes to greet them in front of the other night rooms!

Bapu’s case has been a tricky case: it was the first time J.A.C.K. had to deal with a fractured bone! Therefore, the sanctuary and its team has been extremely grateful to BOOZAA for its valuable support!

Yes, last year, the BOOZAA team organised a musical event in Brussels and donated the benefits of it to the Congolese sanctuary. Such great help that totally covered the two surgeries Bapu went through, as well as the different X-rays that had to be done in addition to the blood tests  made to follow Bapu closely during the last 6 months . Without BOOZAA and its precious team, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to provide young Bapu with the veterinary assistance she needed urgently!!!

Many thanks again to Patricia D, to Gaëtane and all the members of BOOZAA for their wonderful support!


We are extremely happy to announce that the wonderful dream of building a Veterinary Clinic at J.A.C.K. has been now been finalised.

This project has been in progress since 2017 and the goal has finally been reached. The result is amazing and we would love to share it with you!

The building consists of different rooms: a small nursery, the theatre, the pharmacy, the laboratory, the necropsy room and the isolation quarters for the chimpanzees.



the laboratory


the pharmacy


the necropsy room


We are now in need of basic equipment such as a scanner, an X-ray machine, operation tables, an oxygen machine, a sterilizer and further items, to render the Clinic even more functional.

In the name of all our hairy residents who will now take profit of this brand new building and be looked after in appropriate conditions, we would like to thank again from the deepest of our hearts all our wonderful sponsors and partners who made this dream come true! This project has been realised only through their trust and wish to provide THEM with the best care!














GIVING DAY FOR APES – 3 days to go!

DOGUY is our one-eyed resident to whom we have dedicated this year’s GIVING DAY FOR APES campaign. Every single donation will help our sanctuary cover the different costs of this important surgery (cataract on his remaining eye!).

From the 16th of September on  till D-Day  of the GIVNG DAY FOR APES event(Sept.25) , we are going to tell you DOGUY’s story and how he faced eye issues. These are the different topics we have already talked about to introduce DOGUY:

1/ How DOGUY arrived at J.A.C.K.

2/ How DOGUY adjusted to his life at J.A.C.K.

3/ Beginning of DOGUY’s disease

4/Doguy a vulnerable chimpanzee

5/ Zamba always around

6/ Galopping eye disease


Keep in mind that this huge fundraising event will give DOGUY  the chance of not becoming blind.

Join our fundraiser here:

D  Day -3 / Eye removal

DOGUY’s right eye disease was incurable. The eye was dead and had to be removed as it could cause further damage to DOGUY’s health.

last year, in September, thanks to the great kindness of PRO WILDLIFE and to the wonderful donors of PASA, J.A.C.K.  managed to collect enough funds for a European vet to come and remove DOGUY’s eye.

DOGUY’s eye surgery went well and the young chimpanzee recovered very quickly from it!


(more about DOGUY tomorrow!)

Mare-Lo is a friend of J.A.C.K. living in Lubumbashi. Thanks to her, our residents were spoilt the other day as 132kg of banana leaves & trunks were offered and used as enrichment treats! All our fury friends were really delighted!!

Thank you again so much, Mare-Lo, for caring about THEM!

Last year, thanks to the amazing support of its partners and sponsors, J.A.C.K. launched the so awaited building of its small veterinary clinic.

This year, more has to be done to finish the works : the complete electrical system must be fixed, water pipes must be added, walls painted, windows, tiles  and ceiling installed. Also, the sanctuary would love to purchase the basic equipment for its laboratory, but it all depends on the donations collected/received.

Today, we  can say that some works of Phase 2 have started and that our team of artisans (bricklayer, painter, electrician, plumber & welder) is now back on the building site !

A few days ago, we talked about the contribution of the Columbus Zoo in this project. This time, J.A.C.K. is very happy to announce that the German wildlife organisation,  PRO WILDLIFE,  has again accepted to support our DCR sanctuary!


Last year, and thanks to Pro Wildlife’s precious help, (1) young chimpanzee male Doguy had an eye surgery  and (2) funds to cover food supplies were donated too. Our German Friends and their supporters have been of great help – many, many, many thanks again to all for their interest in our action!

As mentioned above, Phase 2 has been launched recently : trenches were dug to put electrical cables, the whole electricity system is being fixed and  walls were coated. No works are on the agenda and we will keep you updated!!!

J.A.C.K. is extremely excited to see the works starting again and is more than impatient to see the final result!

Dear Christine, Sandra and all the team members and donors of Pro Wildlife, thank YOU all so much for your trust and for your wish to provide our rescued furry friends with the best living conditions!

Without YOU, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to give THEM all what THEY need!

Thank YOU for THEM!

Last year, thanks to wonderful sponsors, J.A.C.K. managed to launch the first steps of a very important project at the sanctuary: the buildling of a small vet clinic!

By end 2017, a nice construction had been completed leaving all the finishing works for 2018: plumbery, painting, electricity, tiles, etc.

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce a new sponsor has showed interest in taking part in this great development since the Columbus Zoo indeed accepted to contribute to Step 2 of the veterinary clinic of J.A.C.K.! Our team is very excited to see the final works start; especially J.A.C.K. vet team who has already inaugurated the theater for different veterinary issues.

J.A.C.K.  is thanking Jennifer and all the team of the Columbus Zoo for its trust and interest! Our sanctuary can’t do everything on its own and needs  sponsors and partners to offer its furry residents the best care!

Again, many, many thanks for your precious 2018  support which will help us start Step 2 of our Veterinary Clinic!


Early 2017, PRO WILDLIFE, a German charity supporting wildlife NGO’s worldwide, decided to collect funds to send a veterinarian to J.A.C.K. for  important surgeries. Since all the received donations exceeded transport and vet expenses of that particular September veterniary event, PRO WILDLIFE managers donated the surplus last October to help J.A.C.K. offer the best food and care to its residents!

Most of the fruit is imported from Zambia and South Africa as, in the area where J.A.C.K. is located (South DRC), not much fruit is produced. Also, wild fruit (the ones the chimpanzees LOVE!) can be found far away from town only which implies extra expenses…

This is why PRO WILDLIFE’s recent donation was spent in offering our furry residents some yummy fruit (especially bananas, some oranges and a lot of wild fruit) in addition to their daily aliments (honey, mealie-meal, rice, soya, milk, tea, etc.).

This donation has been of great help and J.A.C.K. and the orphaned chimpanzees it has rescued are extremely grateful for this wonderful support!

Many, many thanks again to Mrs Sandra, her team and donors from PRO WILDLIFE for caring so much about our furry friends.

Thank YOU for THEM!

The INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE is dedicated to the Conservation and the Protection of world’s primates and is helping primate sanctuaries all over the world among which J.A.C.K.

Yes, IPPL has been supporting our DRC chimpanzee since 2010 and many developments have already taken place at the complex thanks to this wonderful institution!

In 2017, for example, the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE supported the building of a small Veterinary Clinic. This awaited project is important because at J.A.C.K. our orphans have always had surgery on a plastic table in the open air or in an improvised container… J.A.C.K. mission is to offer the best care to its rescued residents and, therefore, such vet building is like a dream coming true!

The building is made of 5 rooms: a theater, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a nursery room and a necropsy room. Also, the chimpanzees have 4 big rooms where they can be kept isolated for observation and/or recovery. We are extremely proud to show you the architectural lay out of the Clinic which has been kindly offered by Mr Mbachi Kaluba from 3bd Architects.

Other sponsors took part in this beautiful project: the BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION, the ZOO OF LA PALMYRE, AMIKAT, the RESERVE AFRICAINE of SIGEAN and the AFVPZ, the French association of zoological garden veterinarians.

Dear Dr Shirley and dear IPPL team and Donors, J.A.C.K. Sanctuary and its furry ‘kids’ are extremely grateful for your priceless support and wish to thank YOU all from the deepest of their hearts! Without wonderful donors like YOU, the DRC chimpanzee sanctuary wouldn’t be able to give these orphans the best care and living conditions!

Thank YOU for THEM!

Yes, we have some great news for today: thanks to the great kindness of Friends of J.A.C.K., our sanctuary will be able to offer oranges to our furry residents as well as brand new uniforms to our team!

Despite the gloomy atmosphere we have these days due to unrest and economic recession, there will be some Christmas Magic at J.A.C.K. in the coming days! We are all so excited for both the team and the chimps – wonderful surprises are awaiting THEM!

Our Sanctuary wishes to thank the following people who made this Christmas Dream come true: Marie-Odile L, Patti C, Louise & Christine & Kevin,  Eva C, Vanina C, Valérie L, Brigitte S, Tom S, Oliver T et Amy M. Dear Friends, YOU are the Guardian Angels and thanks to your LOVE there will be Magic at J.A.C.K. for Christmas!

Thank YOU for THEM




It’s been more than 8 years now that the WORLDWIDE VETERINARY SERVICE is doing its best to support J.A.C.K.

This year, our Sanctuary was donated great  equipment to provide the best vet assistance to its residents : needles, syringes, tourniquet, gauze, bandages, face masks, surgical gloves, etc.

This wonderful donation has been possible also thanks to the MARCHIG ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST  which kindly funded this contribution for J.A.C.K.

Great equipment that is always extremely useful in this part of the world!!!

Most of this equipment has of course recently been used during the latest veterinary intervetions and J.A.C.K. feels very grateful to WVS for this valuable and well appreciated support!

Thank you again, Leanne, Tess and WVS, for your wonderful help!

Also many thanks to the MARCHIG ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST for its support and wish to be part of our action in the DRC!

Thanks to all of you, our orphans are having the best vet care they deserve!!

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