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💚TODAY WE SAY “THANK YOU” to all the people who love THEM and who help us give THEM the best! We wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission without YOU!
#thankyouforthem #grateful

Thanks to the great generosity of Forgotten Parks Foundation, each team member of J.A.C.K. was offered one bag of 25kg of mielie meal. Keep in mind our staff has been on lockdown since April 1st to keep the sanctuary and its reidents safe from the Covid-19 virus!

Many thanks also to Mr Robert MUIR, ICCN Provincial Director of Great Katanga as it is thanks to his kindness that our workers were given these wonderful presents! Facial masks have been donated too for each family member of our team…


🍃HALF A TON OF SUGAR CANE is what 34 chimps eat in 15 days! Thanks to the kindness of great donors, we managed to offer these treats last Saturday. Thank you Valerie, Oliver, Esther, Eric and Lisaanne for caring so much about them!

Vitamin C cure!

Thank you to the generous donors for allowing us to offer our chimps these wonderful oranges.

What a good start for the new year !

Every donation matters 💚 thank you for them!

🍊WONDERFUL FRUIT bought when driving to the Zambian border to collect urgent medication (again, thank you Chimfunshi people for you help!). About 230 kilos of oranges and 90 of apples were bought thanks to our generous September donors and chimp sponsors! Thank you again, dear Friends! Your LOVE helps us achieve great things for THEM!

In 2018, J.A.C.K. had been selected to participate in an Advent Calendar project. The action aimed in selling calendars in the shape of Christmas trees holding 24 little doors  meant to introduce and support 24 different NGO’s.

This huge calendar project is ran by 24 GUTE TATEN  (24 good deeds), a German organisation supporting both humanitarian and environmental projects. 24 gute Taten is a charitable, commited and independent association. It helps people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin or gender.

The amount of the sponsorship depends on how many calendars were purchased. These are usually sold on Internet but also in schools, companies, and via advertising campains.

J.A.C.K. has been lucky enough to be part of last year’s calendar project thanks to its generous donor, PRO WILDLIFE. The wonderful team of Pro Wildlife indeed kindly helped us do all the paper work and it also introduced us to 24 gute Taten eV. As a result, early 2019, our sanctuary was granted enough money to cover:

* the purchase of some medical equipment for the veterinary clinic

* most of the veterinary fees (medication, analyses, etc)

* the maintenance and the cleaning of structures (kitchen, night rooms, clinic, etc)

This amazing grant supported J.A.C.K. during the 6 first months of year 2019. This unexpected sponsorship was a huge relief since so many things are missing and everything is so costly in this part of the world!

Many, many THANKS to the team and to the donors of 24gute Taten! Your project is stunning!

And a huge THANK YOU also to the great team of Pro Wildlife which guided us through the whole project process!!


Remember, Bapu is the young female chimpanzee that broke her tibia last September. She underwent surgery twice and had to be isolated in a small cage to prevent her from standing on her leg.

Bapu did well: her bone healed up well and the chimp was very very patient!

Then, when the doctors decided she could go back into her group, Bapu had to be introdced again to her friends. All of them were so happy to see her. If you look at the footage below, it is the first time Bapu goes outside in nearly 7 months and her friends vocalise a lot when she coes to greet them in front of the other night rooms!

Bapu’s case has been a tricky case: it was the first time J.A.C.K. had to deal with a fractured bone! Therefore, the sanctuary and its team has been extremely grateful to BOOZAA for its valuable support!

Yes, last year, the BOOZAA team organised a musical event in Brussels and donated the benefits of it to the Congolese sanctuary. Such great help that totally covered the two surgeries Bapu went through, as well as the different X-rays that had to be done in addition to the blood tests  made to follow Bapu closely during the last 6 months . Without BOOZAA and its precious team, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to provide young Bapu with the veterinary assistance she needed urgently!!!

Many thanks again to Patricia D, to Gaëtane and all the members of BOOZAA for their wonderful support!


We are extremely happy to announce that the wonderful dream of building a Veterinary Clinic at J.A.C.K. has been now been finalised.

This project has been in progress since 2017 and the goal has finally been reached. The result is amazing and we would love to share it with you!

The building consists of different rooms: a small nursery, the theatre, the pharmacy, the laboratory, the necropsy room and the isolation quarters for the chimpanzees.



the laboratory


the pharmacy


the necropsy room


We are now in need of basic equipment such as a scanner, an X-ray machine, operation tables, an oxygen machine, a sterilizer and further items, to render the Clinic even more functional.

In the name of all our hairy residents who will now take profit of this brand new building and be looked after in appropriate conditions, we would like to thank again from the deepest of our hearts all our wonderful sponsors and partners who made this dream come true! This project has been realised only through their trust and wish to provide THEM with the best care!














GIVING DAY FOR APES – 3 days to go!

DOGUY is our one-eyed resident to whom we have dedicated this year’s GIVING DAY FOR APES campaign. Every single donation will help our sanctuary cover the different costs of this important surgery (cataract on his remaining eye!).

From the 16th of September on  till D-Day  of the GIVNG DAY FOR APES event(Sept.25) , we are going to tell you DOGUY’s story and how he faced eye issues. These are the different topics we have already talked about to introduce DOGUY:

1/ How DOGUY arrived at J.A.C.K.

2/ How DOGUY adjusted to his life at J.A.C.K.

3/ Beginning of DOGUY’s disease

4/Doguy a vulnerable chimpanzee

5/ Zamba always around

6/ Galopping eye disease


Keep in mind that this huge fundraising event will give DOGUY  the chance of not becoming blind.

Join our fundraiser here:

D  Day -3 / Eye removal

DOGUY’s right eye disease was incurable. The eye was dead and had to be removed as it could cause further damage to DOGUY’s health.

last year, in September, thanks to the great kindness of PRO WILDLIFE and to the wonderful donors of PASA, J.A.C.K.  managed to collect enough funds for a European vet to come and remove DOGUY’s eye.

DOGUY’s eye surgery went well and the young chimpanzee recovered very quickly from it!


(more about DOGUY tomorrow!)

Mare-Lo is a friend of J.A.C.K. living in Lubumbashi. Thanks to her, our residents were spoilt the other day as 132kg of banana leaves & trunks were offered and used as enrichment treats! All our fury friends were really delighted!!

Thank you again so much, Mare-Lo, for caring about THEM!

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