The Pundus and the infant group
The Pundus and the infant group

The Pundus and the infant group

Hi Everyone,


The Pundus are doing fine and both have settled in very well. Papa Augustin is staying with them in the group during day so as to constantly check their progress and evolution into the infant group.

the Pundus in the group 

Bapu & Pundu on the leftPapa Augustin and Pundu in his arms

Pundu likes to stay in the arms of Papa Augustin while Bapu is more independent and likes the company of the other chimpanzees.

 The infant group is now composed of 7 babies aged between 1 1/2 year and 3 years old.  All of them are known already because you have followed their different stories on my blog. We have of course Bapu and Pundu, but also Kimo


Santa & Maïka

Santa & Maïka

Dian who came from Kivu with Pasa and Africa. All three had been called « the Kivu 4 », remember…


and baby Rosie who arrived last September from the Okapi Reserve of Epulu (Northern DRC).


All these little ones get on extremely well with one another and it’s a good thing they can progress among others of their own kind. They are a family!

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  1. Theresa

    I meant to ask how Kimo is doing with the problem he had when he arrived. He looks very healthy but does he still lose control of his legs and fall like he did before or did the Thiamine solve the problem? He looks great!

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