J.A.C.K. against wild dead animal trade
J.A.C.K. against wild dead animal trade

J.A.C.K. against wild dead animal trade

Dear All,

For many years we have seen ivory, different animal skins, rhino horns, etc for sale on the streets of the city of Lubumbashi and through our NGO we have decided to act against that illegal trade.

february 2008 - 2 leopard skins for sale

Therefore, since June 2009, along with the local authorities, J.A.C.K. has participated to the confiscation of  28kg of ivory, one elephant foot (to be used as umbrella stand??), 1 serval skin and 2 galago skins.

wild dead animal items confiscated

The most recent seizure was the one of a  leopard (picture below) which has been killed in the recent weeks as the skin isn’t completely dry.

march 2010 - 1 leopard skin

These confiscated items are safely kept by J.A.C.K. which has been allowed by the Ministry of Environment to keep and use these latters as didactic material during educational sessions and anti-poaching exhibition.

june 2009 - elephant foot Remember, the J.A.C.K. NGO can’t work alone and needs your help, awareness and support to continue its actions.

 Thank you,




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  1. marie

    Après cette grande chaîne de solidarité pour les petits nouveaux voilà encore une si belle action de « Jack » pour les autres animaux
    décimés illégalement : le faire savoir
    est primordial pour permettre peut être de « négocier » des marges de
    manoeuvre … Merci beaucoup pour le
    ballet de ce cher petit Kimo

  2. Theresa

    This is disgusting! Too bad we can’t skin poachers and put them on display. Thank you for educating the public on this and the chimps. Teaching people is the only way to save these animals.

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