Tongo and Pasa: updates
Tongo and Pasa: updates

Tongo and Pasa: updates

Hello Every one,

Tongo is doing great in the group and has found a new reliable friend: MWISHO, the big male chimp that was introduced early June.


As already mentioned, Mwisho had developed hatred towards humans due to the trauma he went through but we were convinced he wouldn’t be that tough with others of his own kind.


Since his introduction, Mwisho has showed less aggressiveness towards humans and has become Tongo’s protector. Once food is distributed, he collects it and brings it to Tongo who is the youngest chimp of the main group. Then, Mwisho stays very close to the little one and prevents any other chimp from stealing Tongo’s food.

Also, Tongo is the only chimpanzee of the group who is allowed to sleep in Mwisho’s nest. Every night, Mwisho gathers all the dry grass he can and has the biggest nest of all. No one dares taking something from him. So, for the last days, Tongo has moved to Mwisho’s nest at night and this strengthens the relationship between the eldest and the youngest chimp of our main group!


Why talking about baby PASA today? Well, check the picture below and you’ll see that the « naked » chimp of JACK has become a beautiful and fury little one full of life and energy!


Pasa looks great, doesn’t he???


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  1. Kim Meehan

    Looks like things are going very well for you! I am very happy that your chimps are able to make friends, just shows that they are better than we are.
    Hello to Franck from his new friends in Canada, we hope your family is well. Take care
    kim from Toronto

  2. Fran

    What wonderful news! Mwisho is finding his soft spot and it’s with the youngest member. Maybe he remembers those hard times and wants to make sure his little friend is well protected. It’s a lovely image. Pasa doesn’t even look like the same chimp! He looks beautiful! Well done, Roxanne and Franck! These are such great strides for these young chimps and it’s all due to your hard work!

  3. Theresa

    It’s so heartwarming to see chimps helping other chimps. I am so pleased that Tongo has a friend and protector and Mwisho has company of his own kind. So sweet! As for Pasa, he looks absolutley wonderful but I had no doubts he would improve in your excellent care! Hope everyone at JACK is doing well. Hugs!

  4. Christine C.

    Roxane!!! Oh my, I am so pleased that Tongo has such a kind and influential protector…and OMG, Pasa looks amazing, he has filled in so well, both in terms of weight and fur…I am so happy!!!

  5. Qu’ils sont mignons!!!!!
    Je suis contente d’apprendre que Mwisho ait trouvé un compagnon!
    Comment se comporte Chita face à Coco et Mwisho?

    Quant à Pasa… il est méconnaissable… un vrai petit chimp!

    Merci pour ces bonnes nouvelles!

  6. k

    oh i’m so pleased to hear that little tongo is looked after and it looks like mwisho has a loyal little friend. pasa is looking much better. i hope everyone (people) at J.A.C.K are also doing well. xx

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