Update on JANE
Update on JANE

Update on JANE

JANE is doing well and starts to be very playfull.


She had some parasites  but is now healthy eats very well, adores fruit and is fond of yoghurt….


Because JANE was very thin, we had to put her in a small quarantine enclosure, but Franck has already been working on her new place thanks to your welding machine.


JANE will soon move  to a bigger quarantine enclosure and, of course, she will also be able to play and climb the trees of the open air quarantine enclosure that we have built.


But, JANE  won’t be alone any more as some of you know already that little Tongo is due to arrive from Goma. Yes, Tongo was seized a few days ago in Goma by I.C.C.N. authorities and they have asked us if we could help Tongo. Of course, we said « YES » !!!

Franck has just left for the airport. So, I’ll send you the first  pictures of Tongo arriving in Lubumbashi.

Meanwhile, enjoy this last picture: this is how I’ve just left JANE tonight :


she  had wrapped herself  up in her blankets!! Too cute, isn’t she?



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  1. Yes, you are all right: these little ones should be with their mums…But, because human beings thought differently, these infants have been separated from their family forever… we do our best to give them all they need. They really deserve love, care, attention and respect!
    Little Tongo arrived last night and I’l soon post the latest pictures…

  2. Too cute, indeed. She’s a pretty little girl. I agree with Christine: I think we all wish these babies were being raised by the mothers and their families. We know they’ll have the best life possible with you and Franck and all the mamas and staff at J.A.C.K. I’m very glad that Tongo will be arriving soon.


  3. Christine C.

    My gosh, what a sweet and beautiful girl. And although I absolutely abhor the circumnstances in which they came to you, I am happy that Jane and Tonga will have each other for company…thank you so much for agreeing to take baby Tonga too…he will need your love and care!

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