One more slaughter
One more slaughter

One more slaughter

A whole family of chimpanzees has agaon been slaughtered on the outskirts of the Lomami National Park (LNP) has just taken place. This little miracle escapee was ready to join the illegal trade of protected species in the DRC to probably leave outside our borders (United Arab Emirates, China, etc.) to be sold as a pet and become the slave of these tormentors!
We congratulate and thank the ICCN of the LNP for arresting these poachers and for confiscating this baby.
Chimpanzees are fully protected on paper since 1982 by the laws in force in our country. However, the reality in the field is quite different. Entire families are decimated to steal their babies in order to sell them fraudulently in the Middle East and Asia to feed the exotic pet industry.
To stop that hemorrage which silently depletes our forests, we are asking the President of the DR Congo to bring justice:
Your Excellency, the President of the DRC, Mr. Félix Antoine TSHISEKEDI TSHILOMBO, please help us ensure that these wildlife crimes do not go unpunished and that the perpetrators of these atrocities are brought to justice.
A very expensive rescue mission is underway to bring this survivor to J.A.C.K. We will keep you updated!