DRC wildlife authorities and 6 NGO’s together to rescue 4 chimps
DRC wildlife authorities and 6 NGO’s together to rescue 4 chimps

DRC wildlife authorities and 6 NGO’s together to rescue 4 chimps

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K.

Sorry to write so late! Should have done so earlier, but as you can imagine, we are extremely busy!

As already mentioned, the orphan chimpanzees who arrived in Lubumbashi last Saturday from Goma had a safe journey.

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These 4 babies seized by the DRC wildlife authorities have been transferred to the J.A.C.K. sanctuary thanks to the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE (PASA)which totally supported transfer and will cover the 3-month-salary of the carer in charge of the babies (Faustin). Thank you for that, Doug!

Also,  other NGo’s took part in the rescue operation:

– We’d like to thank the Africa Conservation Fund (ACF/Virunga) and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (DFGFI) for their help

– Thanks also to Gorilla.cd (thanks again, Sam!) and Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP) to have taken care of these orphans during their transit period in Goma. 

– J.A.C.K. also wants to thank the Congolese wildlife authorities (I.C.C.N.) for having saved and seized these infant apes from illegal traders.

Together with the J.A.C.K. refuge, these NGo’s worked as a team ; each member of the team taking part actively in the operation and doing its best to save these young chimpanzees.


Faustin, Thierry and the ‘Kivu Four’ in Goma

Today, the ‘Kivu Four’ are at J.A.C.K. and all three have started adjusting to their new environment this also thanks to Faustin!!





The two females are ok and don’t seem to be as traumatised as the young male who has lost almost all his hair. He is crying a lot and needs Faustin to stay close to him.



Faustin is doing a real good job and we do appreciate his being here with us at J.A.C.K. We really trust him 100%!


During this first stage, the 3 will stay together in the isolation enclosure. Then, once settled, they’ll go and play during day in the bushy quarantine open air enclosure where Santa and Kimo used to go… 



These 3 are lucky to have survived all that pain. And this rescue operation that was set up clearly shows that different NGO’s and some Governmental institutions can make the difference! In order to remember this particular partnership between this different NGO’s and institutions, JACK has decided to change the names of the three babies.

Yes, because the ape infants we have welcomed are still very young, their names can be changed easily just the way we did with Santa who was known as « Mapima ».

So, Udongo is now « PASA », Etaito is « Dian » (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International) and Mavivi has become ‘Africa » ( Africa Conservation Fund).


« Pasa » (Udongo)


« Africa » (Mavivi)

But, what about Maïko? the little one who died?

Well, at JACK we have now Maïka. Look at the picture below:


Last Saturday was a long day. Not only did we had that pressure and excitement of welcoming the ‘Kivu Four’, we also had the call of a friend saying she had seen a tiny chimp for sale on the Lubumbashi streets… Franck and I couldn’t believe our ears as no new chimp had been traded in our city for the last 13 months… Imagine how disappointed and how bad we felt when the local authorities handed us the tiniest chimp we have ever had. Santa is extremely big compared to Maïka!!!

So, you see, the ‘Kivu Four’ were 4.  Then, they became 3 but a 4th baby has joined them… Maïko is still with us!

The J.A.C.K. family is getting bigger as illegal trade of protected specieskeeps on going… Someone sent us this a morning pictures of two more babies for sale in Northern Katanga. In two weeks, 7 baby chimpanzees have been seen and some confiscated by authorities…. This means that at least 70 chimpanzees were killed to get them out of the forest… 

 J.A.C.K.  needs you more than ever!!!

Thank you,


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  1. Ping :Maïko has gone but Maïka has joined the ‘Kivu Four’ | J.A.C.K.

  2. Thank you Roxane for the details you share with us and the pics of the babies. Very touching!

    There are positive issues but still a lot of work to be done for local authorities and NGOs to end , through drastic measures , with the illegal trade of protected species and with poachers in DRC.

    Is very serious the fact that this issues take place within protected areas which means further controls, education and work with the local communities should be urgently put in place.

    The fact that J.A.C.K. is receiving more chimps means, as you explain, that more and more adults are killed now and then every day.

    I agree with Paty that comments from all over the world should be forwarded to congolese authorities to shaw the concern from the international community. And also to ask from them to adress specific measures in accordance with GRASP through concrete actions.

    Very grateful with all the people that worked for the rescue, Faustin and J.A.C.K. for the wonderful job

    Thank you again!

    Susana Pataro (Argentina)

  3. paty france

    nous espérons que les autorités congolaises peuvent lire nos commentaires qui viennent du monde entier, cela leur donnera encore plus de courage pour continuer sans relache la répression contre le braconnage des chimps et autres primates.
    La RDC et le gouverneur du Katanga doivent savoir que des 4 coins du monde des gens simples se mobilisent pour aider JACK dans sa trés lourde entreprise.
    Merci à Faustin d’etre toujours present dans les moments forts et espérons que les arrivées de si petits ne vont pas s’accelerer au fil des semaines car ce serait un tres mauvais signe pour toute la faune sauvage du pays

  4. Christine C.

    Roxane — Ditto what Theresa said…the renaming is a beautiful homage to all who helped saved these babies. I am saddened to hear there is yet another little one added to the numbers, but glad that she at least landed at JACK. I am very worried about Pasa…the look on his face in this picture just broke my heart…is he doing ok health-wise? I am so grateful Faustin can stay a while to help these precious babes acclimate, I think they need all the stability they can possibly get. As always, a million and one thanks to all of you at JACK, to Faustin…and some virtual hugs coming your way as well 🙂

  5. Theresa

    Oh Roxane! It was a wonderful idea to change the babies names to honor those that saved them. I am so saddened that yet another baby comes to JACK but so grateful she is where she will be safe. She is so TINY! What is her estimated age? Please tell Faustin how grateful JACK followers are for his help. He is such a wonderful surrogate dad to these babies! Thank you so much for the update!

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