enrichment thanks to Gladys!
enrichment thanks to Gladys!

enrichment thanks to Gladys!

Gladys is a goood friend of J.A.C.K. We met her last year here in Lubumbashi and we offered her the possibility to come and help us bring daily enrichment to our dear hairy friends.

Now that Gladys is back home in Europe, she absolutely wanted to be part of the enrichment programm and she offered the chimps balls, almonds and raisins.

14.11.13 (5)

Since she has worked in the enrichment program of J.A.C.K., Gladys knows exactly what the chimps’ favourite treats are! That’s why she sent us some wonderful items which, of course, the chimps really enjoyed and loved!

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Merci beaucoup, Gladys, for this particular attention! We know you love THEM and we really want to thank YOU for the moments of happiness and joy you have given the chimps thanks to  your enrichment items!!!


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