Faustin and Tongo
Faustin and Tongo

Faustin and Tongo

Hi, here am I again… and, as promised yesterday, I’ll update on Tongo.

Remember, Tongo arrived in Lubumbashi last August with Faustin. Tongo was the baby chimp seized in the Virungas by ICCN.


This time, Faustin is at J.A.C.K. but with Mapima.


Faustin, Mapima and Chester Zoo vet Steve Unwinn


Faustin playing with Kimo and Mapima

Of course, Faustin couldn’t come at the Refuge without seeing his first chimp baby and both were very excited to meet after such a long time.


They looked like old friends.


Tongo is doing great now and so does Jane.


 All the vet analyses carried out by PASA were good and Tongo AND Jane will be soon introduced to the main group. This will be a particular event as Tongo will be the smallest baby we will ever introduce to the others. I believe Shasa will take care of him immediately.


This morning, Faustin left Lubumbashi leaving Tongo and Mapima. I’m sure, he’ll come back again. The war in the East has a horrible impact on wildlife and ape infants are being traded as trophies… a real desastre!!!


I’ll keep you posted,




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  1. Quelle chance les uns ont de vivre chez vous a JACK! Merci pour toute votre engagement! Heureusement il y a les gens comme vous. je ne peut pas autrement: je sens de la haine contre les soldat et les « rebelles » (veuille dire assasins) qui viole les femmes et les filles, enleve des enfant et torture les gens pour la seule raison de pouvoir et de l’ argent. En esperant qu’un jour proche les militant rwandais vont retourner dans leur pays et en participant de tout votre projects je vour souhaite un jouyeux fin d’année .
    Cordialement, Brigitta

  2. Theresa

    Thanks for the precious pictures Roxane! I know Faustin was pleased with how well Tongo is doing. I know it’s hard for him to leave his babies but no doubt he will be needed for other babies that will come along. I, too, am grateful that Faustin is on our side. When they come from the forest tiny and traumatized they find comfort and safety in Faustin’s arms. It definitely makes the transition to the sanctuary easier for these babies and the bond he has with them will be lifelong. What a wonderful ambassador for the cause! Thank you for keeping us posted. JACK is truly a safe haven and we are so grateful to you and Franck for your passion and dedication to give these orphans a home.

  3. Christine C.

    Hi Roxane — too adorable…and I also feel for poor Faustin….but what a trooper! Oh, and I think I finally got the monthly donation set up again after all this time…please let me know if it is not getting to you…will be under « Kevin C. »

  4. Roxane, those pictures are beyond precious. Tongo looks great compared to the photo of him before his rescue. I know Mapima will do well at J.A.C.K, too.

    I feel for Faustin, though. I can’t imagine how hard it is for him to part with his charges. He is a genius with baby apes! I’m very glad he’s on our side.


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