Dear All,

Yes, you are right Theresa and Sheryl, when you say Faustin is an Angel. He has saved Santa but Faustin has also  brought and given so much love and care to Tongo, Santa/Mapima and to the ‘Kivu 4’. Faustin is a very interesting person  and we at JACK are extremely grateful to him for all that good and excellent work he has always provided.


Faustin and Tongo the first baby chimp he flew with from Goma (August 2008)

For this new rescue mission, Faustin was due to stay 3 months at JACK in order to help us with the ‘Kivu 4’. But, unfortunately, he left early this morning because his father died last week and because he had to go back to Goma to fix several family problems.  Maybe he’ll come again to Lubumbashi next month… nothing is sure yet…


Faustin arriving from Goma with Santa/Mapima (November 2008)

So, Papa Augustin and Mama Maguy and Mama Angeline are now taking over Faustin’s job at the quarantine and it isn’t that difficult any more as Africa, Dian and Pasa have adjusted to their new environment and are now used to our surrogate mothers.

Faustin and baby Maïko who died

Thank you again, Faustin! Encore merci pour votre merveilleux travail! 


Faustin with Maïka and the ‘Kivu Four’

We hope you’ll come back very soon!


8 commentaires

  1. Please send my personal condoleances to Faustin for his father s death.
    He is a wonderful human being and I hope he will be back soon in Lubumbashi as I guess you have a lot to do with all those adorable and demanding babies.
    Warm regards to J.A.C.K.
    Susana Pataro (Argentina)

  2. paty france

    nous sommes de tout coeur avec Faustin dans ce moment familial difficile.
    Mais sa vigilance et son amour des chimps lui a permis de sauver Santa.
    Nous encourageons toute l’équipe a beaucoup de surveillance de nos petits coquins qui ont toujours des idées pour faire quelques bétises.
    Chez Jack, c’est comme dans une école maternelle.
    heureusement tout est bien qui finit bien, mais vous etes passés tou pret d’un moment tragique

  3. Fran

    My thoughts are with Faustin and his family. I too hope that he returns! But what a wonderful family that these chimps have in the meantime. I’m new to JACK but I can already tell that these chimps have the best of care.

  4. Carole

    Merci à Faustin pour le travail merveilleux qu’il accomplit chaque jour! Une fois de plus il a été présent et bienveillant et cela lui a permis de sauver Santa… encore une fois!

    Toute mon admiration et tout mon soutien dans cette épreuve douloureuse…

    1000 Mercis FAUSTIN.

  5. Theresa

    I’m sure you will all miss Faustin. Hopefully he can come back soon. I know Papa Augustin and the others will help take care of the babies admirably. You are all angels in my eyes. The chimps are lucky to have each and everyone of you and I hope one day to come to JACK and meet you all. God bless you!

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