Great help from the Dutch Zoo Federation
Great help from the Dutch Zoo Federation

Great help from the Dutch Zoo Federation

Created in 1966, the DUTCH ZOO FEDERATION –  DZF (Nederlandse Vereniging van Dierentuinen – NVD) is an association made of the 13 largest zoos of the Netherlands. The zoos part of the DZF/NVD work together on breeding programs, education, protection of nature and research.

In January 2021, when the Founders of J.A.C.K. were applying for funds to repatriate the DRC monkeys confiscated in Zimbabwe, they had the chance to receive amazing support from the DUTCH FEDERATION OF ZOOS in order (1) to cover the repatriation fees of the monkeys, (2) to pay for the transfer costs of the team of J.A.C.K. which drove to the Zimbabwean border to fetch the primates, (3) to inaugurate the « Zimbabwe Monkey Building Project », and 4)  to contribute to the construction of a night room for the guenons brought back from Zimbabwe.

The journey to drive forth and back from Zimbabwe took place by car on January the 30th of 2021. On the Congolese side, our ICCN partner kindly provided our team with a car.

On the Zambian side, and thanks to the support of  the DZF/NVD, J.A.C.K. Founder hired a taxi which transported the team during the 4 days of its repatriation mission.

The team of J.A.C.K. was made of 3 people: (1) Dr Matata (ICCN veterinarian), (2) Dr Mutumba (J.A.C.K. Vet) and (3) Franck Chantereau, the Founder of J.A.C.K. The DRC Government also sent its representatives whose fees and transport were all paid by the DRC Government.

On the way back to the DRC, the 20 monkeys had been put in crates kindly made and transported by  the HEMMERSBACH RHINO FORCE and all the costs of paperwork, taxes and food for the primates were generously paid by the DUTCH ZOO FEDERATION.

When the primates arrived at the sanctuary on February the 2nd, 2021 the DRC Provincial Government insisted on inaugurating the huge building project JA.C.K. had launched thanks to its amazing donors/partners in order to accommodate the 20 bushmeat trade survivors. This is how all the Provincial Government of the Upper Katanga Province came at the sanctuary to see the repatriated monkeys and to inaugurate the constructions.

Finally, since part of the DZF/NVD grant had not been totally spent, the DUTCH ZOO FEDERATION accepted to contribute to the building of a warm night room for the guenons. These 7 individuals needed warm night quarters to face our African Winter and the contribution of the DZF/NVD was very helpful! However, funds haven’t ebeen nough to complete the building and the construction isn’t finished yet. More work have to be done!

The 20 monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe and the Founders of J.A.C.K. do thank again and again the people of the DUTCH ZOO FEDERATION for their wish to be part of this largest primate rescue of Africa as well as for their great support in accomodating THEM at best!