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The Problem
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The recent weeks have been quite hectic regarding climate. We have never seen such heavy rains and winds have never blown that much!! Roofs were blown away. Trees fell at several places of the town thus breaking houses and walls….

As a result, at J.A.C.K. , the main wall separating our sanctuary from a main city road collapsed and about 60m of the same wall were near to collapse soon as well. Therefore, the wall  had to be rebuilt at the soonest for security reasons since the broken wall was on open gate to any unwanted guests!!

J.A.C.K. has had the chance to have an emergency support from the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE (PASA) to repair the wall very quickly. It was election times. You could feel tensions everywhere and people were afraid of total chaos…

Thanks to the PASA, construction could take place immediately to keep our chimpanzee friends safe from harm. The broken wall was located 51 m from their facilities only…

Unfortunately, later on, we had more wind and rains… This time, a tree fell on the same wall we had just restored …

We tried to remain very positive as, in our bad luck, we have been extremely lucky no people and no chimpanzees got hurt!

Also, during these tough times, we really appreciated the presence of the two armed Rangers who stood close to the broken walls and patrolled day and night! Thanks to the wonderful support of the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE (IPPL), and since 2013, J.A.C.K. has had two ICCN Rangers (DRC wildlife authority) to keep the sanctuary and its residents free from danger!

Many, many thanks again to PASA and to  IPPL for their trust and valuable support! Your help made us feel less lonely in these gloomy days!!!


Young male Doguy is the one-eyed chimpanzee we talked a lot about last September during Great Apes Giving Day.

Doguy’s remaining eye is sick and funds have been raised to operate it. This is how two Southafrican eye surgeons accepted to fly over to help Doguy.

The surgery was planned end of November but had to be postponed as one of the veterinarians didn’t get the DRC Visa! Also, Doguy was sick at that time (fever) and wouldn’t have been strong enough to undergo any sedation/operation…

Therefore, it was decided Doguy would be operated end of February after DRC’s presidential elections.

The good news of today is that the two surgeons have just arrived in Lubumbashi and that they plan to work on Doguy’s eye tomorrow, Thursday the 21st! They paid a visit to Doguy this afternoon already!

Please, keep Doguy in your prayers for the next coming days – he really needs all you Love!

I will keep you updated!

This Valentine’s Day, help a young chimpanzee in honour of your Loved one! The sponsorship of a chimpanzee is an exceptionnal gift which will make your Loved one happy and also represent wonderful support to orphaned chimpanzees in DRC…

Interested? Do you want to Love and to Give?

Join the young residents on their ‘sponsor-me’ page

Thank YOU and have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!


🌴Don’t expect to see very young chimpanzee orphans at J.A.C.K! Since 2014 no chimpanzees have been seen on sale on the streets of Lubumbashi and none have been confiscated by DRC wildlife officials in thi part of the country.

From the early beginning, the first aim of J.A.C.K was to do law enforcement and it seems the long years of tireless efforts have yielded good results. J.A.C.K managed to stop the trade in great apes in a city previously known as a hub in ape trafficking.

MATA is the very youngest chimpanzee residing at J.A.C.K . He is nearly 7 and is a little light of hope in this gloomy world of trafficking…

KEEP J.A.C.K., ITS RESIDENTS, ITS TEAM AND MY FAMILY (Franck, Roxane & my brother Quentin) in your thoughts. Things aren’t bright in the DRC due to political unrest! So far everyone is doing fine despite there is no Internet anymore and that cell phones might be cut too…


We are extremely happy to announce that the wonderful dream of building a Veterinary Clinic at J.A.C.K. has been now been finalised.

This project has been in progress since 2017 and the goal has finally been reached. The result is amazing and we would love to share it with you!

The building consists of different rooms: a small nursery, the theatre, the pharmacy, the laboratory, the necropsy room and the isolation quarters for the chimpanzees.



the laboratory


the pharmacy


the necropsy room


We are now in need of basic equipment such as a scanner, an X-ray machine, operation tables, an oxygen machine, a sterilizer and further items, to render the Clinic even more functional.

In the name of all our hairy residents who will now take profit of this brand new building and be looked after in appropriate conditions, we would like to thank again from the deepest of our hearts all our wonderful sponsors and partners who made this dream come true! This project has been realised only through their trust and wish to provide THEM with the best care!














Dear friends of J.A.C.K.,

I haven’t been able to update for the last days (weeks?) as we started our annual Health Checks and I have had to remain focused on each and very single resident! So sorry about this long silence!!

Thank you for your understanding. I hope to come back for updates at the soonest!


Mata had great fun in the pool with Rosie and this is why his haircut looked so wet and nice!


What do you think MATA did to have such awesome haircut??

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