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🍃HALF A TON OF SUGAR CANE is what 34 chimps eat in 15 days! Thanks to the kindness of great donors, we managed to offer these treats last Saturday. Thank you Valerie, Oliver, Esther, Eric and Lisaanne for caring so much about them!

🍊A HAPPY SUNDAY with a bright sunshine, some fruity ice cubes and sticky fingers… what else? Chimp Africa seems delighted!

Our team is playing darts for the first time and keeper Landry is very good at it. Vet Christian can’t believe his eyes!
So happy to see our team relaxing and enjoying great times together!

So happy to receive all these great encouraging drawings!

Many thanks to all these young artists!!

Mama Angeline has been working with us at J.A.C.K for 14 years. Today, she is staying with us at our house as she is on lockdown too. We offered her and her kids a very warm blanket as African winter is around the corner


Lockdown started a month ago and will continue! This means a lot of sacrifices for our staff members separated from their families.. We do our utmost to make them happy and well

So grateful J.A.C.K. is made of wonderful, passionate and devoted staff!

I am soooo proud of you!

Keep up the great work!

We accomodate the families of 2 staff members of J.A.C.K at our private house to keep them safe from the virus. I have again kids running and playing in the garden💚💚💚

We are running out of face masks and we can’t afford buying from local chemist’s. Our tailor is working hard as she is sewing masks for the team. Many thanks to Maman Annie for the great job!

A bit more than 200kgs are needed every day to have both humans (18) and chimps (34) HAPPY at the sanctuary! A daily challenge!!

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