health issues
health issues

health issues

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Young female Elia isn’t doing that great and has gone through hormonal disorders for the last two months. As suggested, her whomb was checked for ovary cysts or any other patology providing repetitive heats & periods…

We still don’t have any vet clinic at J.A.C.K. Our vet Jean Claude managed to find an ultrasound machine which we hired and J.A.C.K. found a friend, a very kind doctor, ready to help us read the scans.

No cysts were to be seen and everything seemed perfect! This is of course good news and we therefore have to investigate further on this hormonal disorder. Elia maybe rejects the implant she has had in her body for the last two years and the implant should be removed…we are all looking into the matter and will of course keep you updated!

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