Jane and Tongo sick
Jane and Tongo sick

Jane and Tongo sick

Hi everyone,

In addition to the heat and to all that work we’ve recently started, we have  to keep an eye on Jane and little Tongo.


Yes, last week, Jane got very bad and screamed of pain. She didn’t eat nor drink any more. She  had lost all her energy.


The way Jane cried I thought at the begining she had appendicitis but after several analysis, the lab detected strongyloides stercoralis in Jane’s stools which is a human parasitic roundworm. Harmless , it usually affects children here in Central Africa and is very hard to get rid of it!


And, because Jane shares the same place as Tongo, both had to start the same  treatment. They both have to be checked regularly.


Today, treatment is still going on and the two babies are doing fine. Jane is now very active,eating well and is sometimes very naughty with Tongo but he has shown her his teeth already and can really defend himself. tongo-sleeping.jpg

Tongo and Jane have  been with us for more than a month and we do hope they’ll get rid of these worms very rapidly.



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  2. Theresa

    Thank goodness they are feeling better. Another reason for visitors not to throw food to the chimps or get too close. So many illnesses that can be transmitted. I am happy to hear that the staff and volunteers are tested regularly. If one of the staff or volunteers leaves the country do you quarantine for a two week period to protect the chimps and staff?
    Thank you again for your devotion to these chimps!

  3. JACK

    Tongo and especially Jane had worms on arrival. Although she had been locked up in a 4×4 , the backyard where she was was full of cats, dogs and humans who came to see her and touch her…Tongo’s condition was quite fine when he arrived, but Jane had different types of worms that we had to treat one after the other.
    No-one is allowed to touch the chimps of our Refuge except our team, our volunteers and us. Every person of he project is regularly checked and treated. So, we do all what we can to keep contamination is under control…
    Today, they both are well. The particular worm Jane had has gone and now both are ending their treatment. SO, let’s cross our fingers !!

  4. Christine C.

    Oh, poor babies! Why do these worms cause them so much pain?
    Same questions as Sheryl…did they contract them through human visitors? Can such transmision be prevented in the future? Big hugs to both (and you too 🙂

  5. Doesn’t sound harmless if she was screaming in pain! How did they get these worms? From people coming to visit them? What can you do to prevent further incidents with the worms?

    I’m glad they’re both feeling better and getting along well. They are absolutely gorgeous.


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