Kina joining back her group!
Kina joining back her group!

Kina joining back her group!

Yes, dear Friends, this is wonderful news: young female Kina who was recently suffering of severe eye infection is now back in her group which we hope will help her recover totally!

Kina isolated

Because Kina’s eyes had been terribly swollen and because she had been kept isolated in a semi-dark quarantine facility, Kina pulled away some small parts of skin around her eyes as if she had been trying to facilitate her sight. Local antibiotic ointment worked very well. Her infected eyes and open wounds were cleaned on a daily basis and the vet decided she would return into the group to make her recover more easily…

Kina back with the others!

Kina’s eyes are being cleaned every day, especially in the evening when back in the night facilities, and antibiotic ointment is still used to be sure no other bacteria might interfere in the eye recovery…

Kina enjoying enrichment

Today, Kina has a very particular look: her eyes are have now a slight pink colour where he has pulled away the skin… We really hope this nightmare will come to an end very soon because Kina has given J.A.C.K. team sleepless nights!

Kina’s new « look »


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  1. Many thanks, Kristina, for your comment and, « yes », we too are extremely happy to see Kina is doing well and that she can now be with her firends in the open air… her eyes are checked daily. Infection is gone and wounds are healing….

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