Money for security

A few nights ago, people illegaly entered the sanctuary and seemed interested in the sleeping orphans. J.A.C.K. was lucky its night team managed to chase these unexpected visitors away. But what if they came back? Why were they looking inside the night rooms?  What were their intentions?

J.A.C.K. has therefore decided to enforce security and wishes to put barbed  wire on the different walls at the edge of the sanctuary. Total cost will be of 900 USD (puchase of barbed wire + metallic bars to fix the wire on the wall). This amount doesn’t represent much for some people, but for J.A.C.K. it does!  This is a huge amount of money for a NGO living only on donations!!

Today, 3 US Friends of J.A.C.K. have taken the great initiative of  helping  our sanctuary.

Yes, Patti C., Fran B. and Tanis S.  have donated 125 USD which is already a good start! If you want to do the same. If you wish to help out, please,  donate via our secure Paypal account.

Thank you so much Patti, Fran and Tanis for this wonderful initiative which we hope will encourage more Friends to participate to the improvement of security at J.A.C.K.! Thank you for Mata and his friends!

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