More rescued lives
More rescued lives

More rescued lives

As mentionned previously, it is obvious the trade in wildlife has been intensified during the pandemic and the different periods of lockdown.

A few days ago, a Congolese friend told us he had seen wild animals kept in bad conditions in a casino of Lubumbashi. J.A.C.K. Founder Franck immediately called the inspectors of the Provincial division of the Environment to start an investigation. They men called Franck back saying he had to be ready for the confiscation.

When J.A.C.K. Founders arrived at the casino, they were horrified to see how the animals were sad and neglected. There were

  • 2 vervet monkeys kept in a very small cage living in their dirt since there was no bottom at the cage;

  • 2 African grey parrots on the loose. Their wings had been cut so badly that they even couldn’t jump nor fly. Also, being constantly on the floor like this, they could be attacked by wild cats or stray dogs;

  • 1 baby crocodile left in a fontain with filthy water

The inspectors didn’t hesitate: they confiscated the 5 animals and handed them over to J.A.C.K.. The sanctuary is indeed a primate rehabilitation centre but our Founders’ house has been a sanctuary for years as many different species have been rescued and can’t stay on site, close to the chimps, for zoonoses reasons…

This is how, despite the anger of the Asian owner of the casino, all the animals were put into different crates and driven to the private place of Franck & Roxane.

Dr Mutumba, the vet of J.A.C.K., was waiting for them and checked every single animal one by one. The birds and the crocodile were okay. However, the two monkeys had different lesions in their tail due to mangoworms. The vet cleaned the wounds immediately.

Once the vet finished the inspection of the newcomers, the little monkeys ere set in a quarantine facility and so were the parrots. After a three-month quarantine, the birds will join other rescued African greys and the monkeys will go to J.A.C.K.

The crocodile has been temporarily set in a pond at the Founders’ house and he will join some land where we know he won’t be poached!

Today, all the newcomers are adjusting well and recovering from the trauma they went through at the casino. Now they have found a safe place to live. A place where they won’t be eaten but loved!