PASA at J.A.C.K.
PASA at J.A.C.K.

PASA at J.A.C.K.

Hello Friends of JACK,

These coming days are going to be very particular as our Southern Province of Katanga is hosting the « PASA Vet Workshop 2008″.


About 22 delegates have travelled from their place to reach Lubumbashi and for most of them this experience will be their first one in the DR Congo.


Thanks to the kindness of the highest authority of our Congolese Province, Mister Moïse Katumbi Tshapwe, the Governor of Katanga, this event has been possible and we also want to thank Madam Thérèse Lukenge, Provincial Minister of Environment of Katanga , who opened the Workshop early this morning and cheerly welcomed the PASA delegates.


It is the first time PASA organises one of its workshops in the DR Congo and it is a real honour to us to welcome the whole team here in Lubumbashi.


On Wednesday the 19th of November, PASA delegates will have the opportunity to come and to visit JACK. Mr Doug Cress, Executive Director of PASA, and Rosa Garriga, vet at Tucugama, already paid us a visit yesterday mentionning they didn’t expect to see so much.


JACK is still very young and unlike most of our visitors, Mr Cress and vet Rosa were impressed by the work that we have been achieving for the last two years…


Well, dear Friends, let me come back to you later on these days. It’s already late and we still need to have a few things done before tomorrow.


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  1. Rick

    Hi Roxane, Franck, Faustin, all the incredible volunteers, WANZA and the other CHIMPS (the new ones and older group…)
    I would like to express my utter disbelief and amazement at what you guys have achieved since I helped Jac’s Friends in 2006 with WANZA’s confiscation. I am truly impressed and delighted at the growth and improvements that hava transpired in ‘bashi (DRC). Your commitment, dedication and passion for these precious animals has endured and having the President of the DRC visit JACK and take a serious interest in the preservation of these animals, is an achievement that all of you can be extremely proud of and for which I and all the supporters of JACK, are truly thankful and appreciative.
    I would like to find out if you have a direct email address in which we can correspond as I have noted that your contact details at is not reflected.
    Also please confirm for me how WANZA is doing in the large enclosure? I would love to see him swinging through the branches enjoying life the why a chimp should !!!! Unfortunately it seems unlikely that I will be returning to ‘bashi anytime soon ….
    Take care and all my best wishes

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  3. Theresa

    Thank you so much for your post. I have been attempting to get some information on the chimp at the Okapi reserve since I read their post. I am happy the baby will be coming to JACK. I’m sure the babies will al get along just fine and I know they will be well cared for there.
    The situation in eastern DRC is truly heartbreaking. My prayers are with them all.

  4. paula

    Congratulations Roxanne. You guys are doing such a great job. It’s wonderful that the meeting went ahead despite the events in the east, were those issues discussed in relation to the DFGF proposed sanctuary for the two mountain gorillas currently in Goma. Suddenly that concept seems totally wrong given the insescurity in the East.

  5. Dear friends,
    yes, what’s taking place 2000 kms from here is horrible and all these chimps coming from eastern DRC are a result of that nightmare. Our aim at JACK is to stop that trade.To find some support to do so is very important as we need more and more people to be involved into this cause. Alone, we can’t make it!
    Mapima will arrive next week and, of course, I’ll keep you posted. There is still another baby at the Okapi reserve which is waiting to find a way for being transferred at JACK – but, it isn’t that easy at all…
    Tongo is doing fine now and so does Jane. I’ll send you some news about them quite soon because a new little one has just arrived and is as small as Mapima…. So, we have new plans for Tongo and for Jane and I’m already organising some pics for you…
    Thanks again for reading our posts

  6. Theresa

    A great opportunity for JACK! As Sheryl of Washington said many of us are eager to hear about Mapima when she arrives at JACK. I am so grateful she had somewhere safe to go. Faustin will be happy to see Tongo again! We hope Tongo and Jane will welcome little Mapima when she arrives.
    Of course we all wish there were no baby chimps needing homes but are greatful you are there. You have made wonderful progress!

  7. What a contrast, Roxane, between where you’re located and the horrible events in the north of DRC. It’s like two different countries, almost.

    We know that Faustin should arrive this week with yet another orphaned chimpanzee, Mapima. I know this conference is important but I think many people who follow both blogs are looking forward to following Mapima’s progress (and Tongo’s!).


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