PASA, the chimp with nearly no fur…
PASA, the chimp with nearly no fur…

PASA, the chimp with nearly no fur…

Hello Everyone,

Do you remember PASA? The little « Kivu 4 » that arrived at JACK end of February and who nearly had no hair???


Well, if you look at him now, you can see that he’s doing a lot better and that his hair is coming back!


Winter has already started here in Central Africa and I was afraid PASA would be too « naked » to face the cold and chilly nights. At JACK, we have been providing balanced food, vitamins and of course a lot of love and attention. But, thanks to some herbal medication sent by Patricia, a good friend of JACK living in France, our little one is gaining strength AND fur!


Merci à toi Paty de nous suivre et de nous aider du mieux que tu peux!

Thank you so much Patricia for all that love and care you send us from France!!



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  2. paty france

    Cela fait plaisir de voir un peu de duvet apparaitre, dans quelques temps , pasa aura le plus beau poil de toute l’équipe.
    Ce produit est efficace sur d’autres races de singes, il faut toujours en avoir une boite d’avance.
    Nous ferons en sorte qu’ils aient ce qu’il faut et votre contact sur Bruxelles qui a participé a l’opération ‘tout nu’ sera sollicité pour faire transiter le petit colis. Il faut toujours se rappeler que c’est tout une chaine de solidarité européenne qui fonctionne pour tous ces petits orphelins

  3. Katrine, thank you for joining us and for suggesting to help. We unfortunately don’t provide sweaters to the youngsters because they stay with the carers that are trained to keep them busy in the open air enclosure of the quarantine area. The keepers also carry them and provide warmth as a mummy chimp would do in the wild… Because these little ones are due to go back to the forrest, we can’t ‘spoil’ them too much with our human comfort… the chilly period is only a few hours a day. Don’t think we aren’t sensitive people – we only want their immune system to work porperly.
    Should you still wish to send us a few things, I can give you a postal address to ship your parcel to.
    Thank you for your interest and thank you for them!

  4. Yes, Kinzli, this is actually the aim of JACK: giving these creatures the chance to live in peace in the wild… I’ll tell more about this as we have visited an area in Katanga where semi-introduction might be possible!!!Seeing CHITA and his group in a forrest would be one of our dreams come true!

  5. JACK

    Sheryl, we don’t have heated enclosures: it is not that cold here in the DRC. It’s the sudden differences in temperatures that makes you say it’s getting colder: at 7.30 am, you can have 5° Celcius and at 9 a.m. it’s already 24°C and during day it is very warm… In the evenings, it is the opposite way. These changes are tough and cause flu. We usually keep the chimps inside their night facilities a bit longer till temperatures are fine outside. We no longer use blankets as the chimps won’t have some when back in the wild.
    Christine, of course if you compare Pasa today and 3 months ago, he still hasn’t a lot of hair. But, compared to when he arrived end of February, he now has very small hair growing all over his body and it is getting more and more dense. If you look at the picture where he’s climbing a tree and at the one where he’s holding the bars of his enclosure, you’ll notice that his tummy isn’t as naked as before…
    Thanks again to all of you for reading, and, of course Theresa, I’ll update on the other little ones!!!

  6. Fran

    Awwww, such a sweet little one. He will get even more hair as he starts gaining more strength. Do you have enough blankets and such to keep them warm? I am so amazed at how tiny they are, yet they are resilient. Little fighters, every one of them. Big thanks to you, Roxanne, and Franck.

  7. Katrine

    Hello Roxanne,
    writing for the first time. I was wondering if you could sweaters on the little ones, like Pasa, as long as they are in the quarantine, Just so they wouldnt be freezing. If so, i would like to send some sweaters to Pasa andhis friends. But looking at the pictures (they are just too adorable btw) it is very hard to judge their size. I have never been up close with a baby chimpanzee before.

    Pls let me know how i could send a package to J.A.C.K with sweater for Pasa and some other needed things.

    Best Regards

  8. Theresa

    He is such a little cutie. You can look at his eyes and tell he feels so much better. He has a sparkle there now. Thanks for the update Roxane. I would love to see some updated pictures of Africa, Diane, and Maika too.

  9. Christine C.

    Hmm, maybe it is just the picture, but Pasa looks to me like he has less fur!! But oh I love this little darling…thank you so much Roxane for the update…I was just about to bug you for one!!! I hope you and Franck are doing well

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